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Let’s have an experiment…


Fancy seeing me put together my own brand voice & messaging guide?

This is all happening on a bit of a whim.

I’m going with it.

You on board?

Here’s the dealio…

I’ve been meaning to get my own brand voice and messaging guide put together for a while now. After doing them for my clients, I want one of my own!

So, after making a start on the process this morning, I’ve decided to see if you fancy coming along for the ride. Not quite sure what form this is going to take yet–behind the scenes videos, a running commentary in a Google Doc, emails when I have news–it’s all an experiment!

But if you fancy having a peek behind the curtain, drop your email in the box below and I’ll let keep you in the loop!

(This won’t sign you up to my main mailing list, it’ll just be its own thing!)

I’ll play along!