After your branding photography shoot – how to use your products

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woman in the woods headshots

Once you’ve had your branding photography shoot, you’re going to be receiving lots of lovely images. But how does it all work? What does a commercial license give you? How can you use all those photographs? Let’s dig into those questions now and figure out exactly how you can use your branding photography products in your business.

What does a commercial license do?

First, your photographer should have discussed the importance of a commercial license. These are included in branding photography sessions. Your photographer should issue one to you along with your edited images.

The main thing is that a commercial license allows you to use the images for your own business purposes. Photographs remain the copyright of the photographer. But they can make allowances with a license that permits you to use the images for marketing purposes. 

This is different from something like wedding photography, for example. With wedding photos, permission is given for the client to print the images, share them online and gift them. But they are not allowed to sell the photographs or make any kind of financial gain from them (such as through marketing their own business). 

With branding photography, the purpose of your images is, of course, to market your business and profit from them, right? So this permission is granted in a commercial license. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you can sell the images for your financial gain. Copyright will remain with your photographer, so bear that in mind.

woman in the woods headshots

Where and how can you use those images?

The possibilities are wide and endless. But here are some popular ideas and suggestions on how you can use your photographs.

Your website

Why not freshen up your website with a selection of your images? Photographs of you and some great stock style shots will keep it looking consistent and professional throughout. 

You can use the images on all the pages of your website and in your blog posts – there’s plenty of scope!

Social media

From Facebook and Instagram posts and stories to creating pinnable images for Pinterest, as well as sharing them on LinkedIn. Anything goes!

Try to remember not to overlay your images with yucky Instagram filters though. Your photographer will have worked hard to edit your images consistently and in keeping with your brand. So, don’t ruin that with a generic filter! This also constitutes editing which is not allowed as part of your photography agreement. You should be allowed to crop the images as necessary though and overlay text in a program like Canva.

In print

Part of your photography package should include providing all your images in multiple formats. Smaller, lower resolution files are suitable for sharing online. And for printing out, much larger, higher resolution files are provided. 

This means you can use your images in marketing material like brochures and ebooks, on postcards and business cards and even on banners if you want that!


Paid ads, such as on Facebook and Google, benefit from good quality images that are in keeping with your brand. So why not use your images to dress up your paid ads? 


Use your images to make your emails and newsletters pretty and interesting to read.

Bios and Guest Posts

If you write for others or are interviewed on other websites, you’ll be asked to submit a short biography and a headshot. Well, now you have those professional images! So, pick one that best represents you in the particular market your bio is being shared on. Whether relaxed and fun or a bit more professional, the chances are you’ll now have the choice from your branding photography session!

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So, there you have it! Your photographs can be used in a multitude of different ways to pull your whole brand together. Headshots, flat lays, stock shots, background images and photographs that show a more in-depth side to your business. You’re going to have so much fun sharing all those images around, I bet!

Thinking about booking in a branding photography shoot of your own? Get in touch and let’s talk about what you need!