Environmental Branding Photography – Small Cat Big World

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I arrived in Canada early last year as an unknown photographer and copywriter. I knew I was having to start all over again with my business and that’s a scary prospect, I have to say! I knew, though, that I wanted to work with small businesses. So, I set about getting in touch with some local ones to see if they were looking for any branding photography. Which is when I met the lovely Kirsten from Small Cat Big World. Kirsten specialises in zero waste and recycling items into useful products, which she sells at craft markets and fairs. 

Kirsten was looking for some professional photos of some of her jewellery and other items. She also wanted some fun headshots that she could use on her website and through her social media. Being interested in the zero waste movement and environment, it seemed only fitting to head into the forest and do a shoot there. So, that’s exactly what we did! 

She says: “I started a small business after being inspired by zero waste. I was making a lot of my products for my own use and so many people loved them that they encouraged me to sell them. I don’t have a business background. I’ve always thought my work should just speak for itself. But I’m no photographer and I was definitely seeing less interaction online then what I wanted.”

Using the environment to get your branding photographs is a lovely and natural way of showing your work and yourself through your business. If you’re considering branding photos, I’d recommend going down the environmental portraits approach. They can be taken in places that fit your brand and message, or in your place of work to show what it is you do. You can even use spaces that you love being in, which show a little bit of your personality. I’ve done headshots in coffee shops, bookshops and libraries, parks and woods and even in an aircraft hanger! Anywhere goes, as long as you have permission to be there and you’re not disturbing anyone by being there.

If you’re considering a branding shoot for yourself, spend some time thinking about your business brand and message. Also, have a good idea about how you want your images to look. Check out this blog post I wrote about how to plan your branding photography session for more information!

Kirsten said of the shoot afterwards: “I’m not used to being in front of a camera. I’ve never considered myself photogenic. But your personality was so infectious that I found myself enthralled and completely at ease by the end of the session.” Aw, thank you, Kirsten. I’m so pleased I was able to help you feel comfortable!

Want a nature-filled branding session for your business? I’m still taking bookings ready for when it’s safe to head back out and do shoots again. Do get in touch to discuss your ideas and I’ll tell you how you can get booked in!