The day of your branding photography shoot

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So, you’ve booked your branding photography shoot. You’ve spent lots of time planning with your photographer and the day has finally arrived! What things do you need to consider on the day of your branding photography shoot? Here’s a quick rundown of thoughts and advice.

Give yourself time

I must admit, I am terrible for leaving everything until the last minute. Everything. Even getting myself looking presentable for a photoshoot! So, when I give you this advice, do as I say, not as I do, ok?

My point is, give yourself plenty of time to get ready before your shoot. If you’ve booked in hair and makeup, make sure you’ve allowed enough time and a little extra, just in case of any problems (such as traffic or other delays – I’m not suggesting there might be problems with you!).

Also, as an aside, please make an effort to be on time for your photographer. Your booking will be for a set amount of time. If your shoot has an outdoor element, there’s a chance that arriving late may mean you’ll lose some valuable shooting time. The sun doesn’t wait for anyone if you know what I mean!

Don’t forget your stuff!

Have a list of everything you want to bring with you so you don’t forget any items.

Also, here’s a handy little hint: bring along a brush, a compact mirror and makeup so you can make little touch-ups between shots, if necessary! If there’s one common complaint I hear after a shoot, it’s that the person wished they’d brought some stuff to make those touch-ups. Hair does move out of place and makeup does fade after some time. So be ready to address that 🙂

Try to relax

A relaxed person is a happy person. And a happy person makes for much lovelier photographs than someone who isn’t feeling happy or confident in themselves.

Of course, your photographer will do everything they can to help relax you during your shoot. But it does help you if trust in them and try to put any worries or fears aside. Believe they will get the best photographs of you possible, relax those shoulders and smile!

List vs Freestylin’

Use your planned shot list as a guide to keep things on track and ensure important images aren’t forgotten.

But don’t be afraid to freestyle things too! Your photographer will likely come up with suggestions that you might not have considered. You may even be inspired to suggest some ideas too.

Have a plan but also know when to go with the flow. I find the best images can happen when you’re relaxed and feeling creative.

There you have it. Now it’s time to go and get ready for your branding photography session! And soon you’re going to own a fantastic set of images that are going to really pull your whole brand and business together.

Now that’s exciting!

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