How Workshop Brand Photography Will Benefit Your Business

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Florist demonstrates how to make a Christmas wreath

I do love a workshop. The opportunity to learn how to make something new and go home with the fruits of my labour? Well, that sounds like a perfect blend to me! But it can be hard to know which workshops to buy tickets for when I can’t see what happens. Knowing what to expect can be a deciding factor for some people when it comes to choosing which workshop to sign up for! Simply put, if you want people to attend your future workshops, it’s good to have some on-brand, unique-to-you photographs to show them what they’re missing! Here’s how workshop brand photography will benefit your business.

Florist demonstrates how to dress Christmas wreath

#1: Show people what’s involved

The first time I attended a Christmas wreath workshop, I had literally no idea what to expect. Did I need certain skills? Would I need specific tools or items to bring with me? What would happen while I was there? And would I be able to take my creation home with me at the end? Being able to see photographs would have helped me understand what to expect. It could even be a deciding factor when choosing between two similar workshops! Give your audience and potential customers the gift of understanding by showing them exactly what a workshop with you involves.

Ivy and holly

Woman shows girl how to put a Christmas wreath together

#2: Market future workshops

Finding ways to keep building an audience and increasing the growth of your business means putting out different offers and services to serve them. Workshops are a wonderful way of generating extra income for your business, especially if what you do is seasonal or limits the amount of products you can deliver. Take being a florist, for example. There are only so many bouquets you can make in any given day/week/month, unless you’re planning to take on extra staff. But if you can hold workshops and demonstrate to groups how to do something themselves, such as wreath making, or creating their own floral bouquet, you can increase your income and position yourself as an expert in your field.

If you enjoy your first workshop (which most people do, I find!), you’ll want to hold more of them in future! So, why not have a professional set of images that you can use to market your future workshops?

Woman stands in front of class of women teaching how to make a Christmas wreath

Woman holds up wreath and admires it

#3: Stand out from your competition

The simple fact is, most small business owners who run workshops won’t ever book a brand photographer to capture their workshops for them! Stand out from the crowd by hiring a professional to capture your workshop so that you can showcase your business as the leader in your industry.

Woman holds bow and wire to demonstrate how to attach to Christmas wreath as class looks on


Women sit and stand at table making Christmas wreaths

Woman looks closely at her Christmas wreath while attaching decoration to it

Florist demonstrates how to make a Christmas wreath

Remember, marketing your business is vital to keep what you do and who you are visible. With a collection of professional images showing you at work, you’ll have content to market yourself for months to come. It’s a worthy investment to help your business grow!

If you’re interested in booking me to capture your upcoming workshop, reach out and let me know. I’d love to hear from you and and find out if I’m the photographer to help you!