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Wedding photographers are great with the pictures. But not all are as good with the words. There are quite a few I’ve spoken to over the years who have admitted to me that cutting out the fluffy words in wedding photography is something they find tough! I have to say I do find that a bit surprising. Because most photographers know they need good words on their website and social media to go with those beautiful photographs. And they need words to encourage potential clients to book them. Carla isn’t a woman who is shy of a few words. I’d go so far as to say she has the opposite problem – she likes words a little too much!

cutting out the fluffy words in wedding photography

A self-confessed rambler

Working with Carla has been an absolute joy. I’ve loved our meetings because we spend most of them snorting with laughter over something so silly you wouldn’t get it unless you were there. And I love that Carla gives me all the words when she speaks and I just have to trim them back and make them sing a little with her unique personality.

Carla is a self-confessed rambler when it comes to her words. Truthfully, what she is is a storyteller. She just likes to tell the elaborate story instead of the short and sweet one, which I love! But when it comes to your website and communications with potential clients, it is important to trim back on the fluff and waffle. And sometimes it’s easier for someone else to do. 

Hands up, full confession, I too am a rambler at heart. I’ve just learned how to go back and edit myself and cut out the waffle! But I still maintain it is much easier to start with too many words and cut them than not to have enough and have to bulk them out somehow. So, if you’re a potential client of mine who likes to waffle, don’t ever change. It makes my job a whole lot easier! 

What I did for Carla

I’ve worked with Carla over several projects this year. First, I created a three-part series of blog posts for newly engaged couples showing them how to plan a wedding using wedding cake as an analogy (that was FUN!). 

I also worked on an existing email nurture sequence Carla had for couples who signed up to her mailing list at wedding fairs. Using the six emails Carla already had, I restructured and refined them. I also created a page of FAQ questions and answers for her website as part of the restructure. This was all done after figuring out Carla’s intentions with this nurture sequence, building in appropriate calls-to-action along the way. 

Finally, I created brand new copy for Carla’s About page! That was so fun to do because it meant I got to do my absolute favourite thing in all the world – be terribly nosy and ask a whole bunch of questions! Carla answered my ‘Big Dig’ questionnaire thoroughly, so she gave me a ton of information that I could pick from and use along the way. 

One of Carla’s concerns was that her About page sounded quite generic and didn’t have much personality. So I kept that at the forefront of my mind as I wrote her text for her.

Cutting out the fluffy words for a wedding photographer's website

What Carla had to say

Carla wrote a beautiful testimonial about our time working together, so I’ll let her tell you in her own words:

“I was initially worried that Sarah wouldn’t ‘get’ me or write in my tone of voice. But, as a renowned control freak, hiring her was one of the best things I’ve done and has helped me actually write better!

I do love blogging, but I always want to make them longer than War and Peace as there is always so much information I want to share with potential clients. Working with Sarah has helped me take those big ideas and break them down into readable chunks, so people don’t give up.

If you’re looking for someone who can get into your mind, not be scared or shocked, won’t judge you and will make your copy sound like you without repeating all those words you know you shouldn’t be repeating, then Sarah is the person for you. She’ll also make you stop writing long-ass sentences like that one.”

I mean, what can I say? Thank you, Carla, for such amazing words! That last paragraph is going to have to go on my home page soon 😉 

If you’d like to check out Carla’s About page, hit the link.

And her blog post series can be found here: Cake Blog 1 | Cake Blog 2 | Cake Blog 3

I have space in my calendar for more fluff-shedding copy! Do get in touch if you’d like me to trim back your waffle!