6 Things I’ve learned about being productive

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Being productive. That thing we all strive for in our little businesses but something we all struggle with frequently. There are apps and websites and countless posts and tips all over the internet which tell you the best ways to be productive but here are six things I’ve learned in my first year of freelancing about being productive and you might find them a bit surprising!

computer with do more written on it

#1: It’s all a matter of trial and error

You have to figure out what methods work for you. It’s all well and good your business friends telling you what great techniques they use and what works best for them, but that won’t necessarily be the case for you.

That being said, their recommendations are always a good starting point!

#2: Don’t try to tackle all the things at once

This is probably the biggest thing I’ve learned over the last year. When you try to tackle every aspect of your business on day one, all that happens is you get overwhelmed. Instead, I decided to work on developing a routine first, then figure out how to schedule my day and so on… Figuring things out one at a time means I’ve developed (and kept) new habits over the last 12 months. I’ve still got more to figure out but one at a time is the motto!

#3: When you find the one…

When you find the app that works for you, it’ll be a revelation. You’ll think all your Christmasses have come at once. I use ClickUp and it has been my lifesaver! (By the way, that’s an affiliate link.)

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#4: It all comes back to one thing

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is actually write some lists down. If nothing else is working for you, then always go back to that. At least by writing down the lists, you’ll get them out of your head, which goes a long way to helping you make a start.

#5: Everyone procrastinates

You are not alone. We all do it. It’s one of those things. Just learn to recognize when you’re letting it take over but don’t feel guilty about it!

#6: High Energy Days and Low Energy Days

No matter what processes you put in place, some days you’ll achieve tons and other days you’ll achieve absolutely nothing more than moving off the sofa to go pee between Netflixing and munching on shit that’s bad for you. And other days, you’ll feel like you’re flying with how much you’ve achieved. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. But listen to your body, it knows when you need a break!

So, what productivity tips can you share?