Here’s how email templates will revolutionise your business


I remember what it was like, as a photographer, responding to enquiries and having to relay the same information over and over again with as much enthusiasm as possible. Because if it wasn’t enthusiastic and warm and friendly, there was a good chance I wouldn’t get booked. And nobody wants that, do they? But writing each of those emails took time and a lot of mental effort. Until I discovered the joys of an email template. Email templates revolutionised the way I ran my business. So now I’m going to share the secret with you and tell you exactly how they will revolutionise yours too!

Why you need email templates for your business

I hate to state the obvious, but when you’re running your own business, especially in the beginning, you’re going to have to do everything yourself. As much as we’d all love a PA or VA, or even someone to answer our emails and do a bit of filing, the chances are most of us can’t afford that yet.

Now, here’s a bombshell (or likely NOT), but responding to emails takes time, you guys! A lot of time! Add that to your other work – admin, accounts, website maintenance, blogging, meetings, networking and, oh, you know, the actual job you’re supposed to be doing, and it mounts up to a whole lot of time that you don’t have.

The good news is, there’s a lot of stuff in your business that you can automate, and emails can be one of those things.

So… errr… how? 

Ok, look, this is not going to be the easiest of processes. Be ready to put in a bit of work now, but trust me when I say it will be all worthwhile.

To start with, go through your client workflow. What processes do you take your clients through, right from the first time they get in touch to the moment you say goodbye to them? You might already be going squiggly at the thought of that. But trust me when I say it helps to have a whole workflow in place now. So, get it written down! 

Once you have this, you need to work out at what points you communicate with your clients via email and what you communicate with them about. So, for example, as a wedding photographer, I would, of course, email them when they sent me an enquiry. But I’d also follow up that enquiry if there wasn’t a response within a certain amount of time. After booking, I’d be in touch to arrange their engagement shoot. Then I’d want information about their wedding day and so on. Each of these areas of their workflow involved communication from me.

Now, this is the fun bit. Writing emails for each one of those interactions!

Not gonna lie, it’s not fun at this stage. But when you don’t have to answer a bunch of individual enquiries with the same information, it will be!

What about email templates you can buy?

Well, sure, nothing is stopping you from doing that. It was seeing Jasmine Star’s email templates years ago that first gave me the idea of doing my own! 

The reason I don’t advocate them though is that one template does not suit all businesses. Remember how I go on about voice, and about how you are your business’ unique selling point? Well, if your emails sound like everyone else’s, then that doesn’t serve you or your business, does it? Odds are, your clients are contacting other people too. So, wouldn’t that be weird if they got two identical emails from different businesses?

When you write your templates (or have them written for you), you can make them personal to you and have them sounding uniquely you. As a small business owner, that uniqueness is partly what attracts clients to you in the first place. So it should shine in every aspect of your business, including email communications!

So yeah, I know it’s not the easiest process. I know it’ll take a bit of work. But believe me when I say, once you’ve got them written, responding to enquiries or sending out the next stage of communication in your client’s workflow is going to be as quick as a copy and paste and adding a few personal touches!

Just to get you started, so you can see how useful template emails are, I’ve created 3 email templates which you can use to respond to email enquiries. Hit the link to grab them now!