How Emotions Sell And How To Use Them In Your Copy

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how emotions sell and how to use them in your copy

I know you’re a smart individual who knows that selling is not just about slapping your product or service down on the table and saying ‘Here, buy this!’. Please, tell me I’m not wrong? Because selling is an art. There’s a whole psychology behind it. Using emotion and persuasion when selling helps your audience connect with you and make the leap from interested party to buying customer. Here’s how emotions sell and how to use them in your copy.

how emotions sell and how to use them in your copy

The Connection of Emotion

It’s become a bit of a longstanding joke, now, that when I go to the movies, I take a wad of tissues with me. Because, at some point, I’m going to cry. Movies are a great example of using emotion to help you connect with the story being played out on the screen. They’ll make you feel sad, happy, scared and excited. And if you get to the end without feeling those things, then chances are you’re not going to recommend it to any of your friends.

Triggering emotional responses in your copy has a similar effect. If you can bring out emotions in your words that your audience connects with and understands, then they’re going to remember you and what you have to say. Using emotions encourages your readers to recall their own personal memories and experiences. If they can do that, they’re going to align themselves to what you’re saying at a much deeper level.

Be warned. Using emotions can work the other way too, by triggering negative feelings and thoughts in some people. This will have the effect of repelling those people from what you have to offer them. That’s no bad thing, though. You are not going to appeal to everyone who reads your words, and it’s as important to put off people as it is to attract them to your business.

Ultimately, the aim is to connect with people beneath the superficial ‘here’s my product’ or ‘buy my thing’ thinking. If you can achieve this with your audience, you’re far more likely to build up a strong client base of people who understand and enjoy your message. And those people will shout about you from the rooftops and, perhaps, even become repeat customers.

emotions and your copy

How To Emotionally Connect In Your Copy

So, you’re convinced about the use of emotion in your copy. But how do you use the power of it to draw in your clients?

You have to know your client

Know what they want, what they desire and what it is that keeps them up at night because they can’t get it. How is it that you can help them?

You absolutely have to know your client. Inside and out. The moment I say the words ‘ideal client’, you should be able to immediately bring them to mind. Picture them as a real person, standing across the room from you. Listen to them as they tell you what’s stressing them out, what they need and how you can help them. Get clear on that, before anything else.

Align yourself with your client

You might not have exactly the same experiences as them or the same stories. But you can understand and appreciate the emotions they might be feeling through similar experiences of your own.

Share that. Show them you understand precisely what it is they’re going through.

Appeal to their emotions

Acknowledge their fear, worry, anger and stress. And show them how their lives will look when they’re happy, safe, relieved and relaxed because of how you’ve helped them. By showing them the end goal, you appeal to their desires. And if you can show them how they’re going to reach that goal, then you’ve already made your sale.

how emotions in your copy help you sell

Give them the answer they’re looking for

Show them exactly how you’re going to help them. Show them what that help will look like, and what the results of that help will look like. 

It’s important to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ here. You’re not listing out a checklist that they can read through and tick off. You’re showing them what life is going to look like once their problem has gone away. Allow them to use their imagination. Describe how they’ll feel, what sensations they might experience and what succeeding at that goal is going to do for them. 

I.e. “No more responding to emails on your phone from your bed at 11pm. Sleep the night away, knowing your emails have already been dealt with.”

Sounds incredible, right?

Don’t leave them hanging! 

You’ve spent all that time appealing to their emotions. They’ve got the warm and fuzzies, and they’re ready to book you RIGHT NOW. But if you don’t give them a clear call to action, you’ll leave them floundering and wondering how to take that next step. 

Show them exactly what to do. Link to your contact page, or embed your scheduling app so they can book in a consultation. Be ready to catch them when the emotion has them prepared to fall for you! 

And if you’d rather leave all the emotional words and chat to me, then drop me a line and let’s talk! I promise you won’t need the tissues!