Let’s just talk about words for a minute…


It’s no secret to anyone who knows me how much I love words. So much so, I even wrote a love letter to words on social media the other week. Yes, I am THAT person. There’s no other way for me to say it – words are what I love most. So can we just talk about words for a minute? Because it’s worth considering a few things about them – in both life AND your business.

Words aren’t for everyone

I get it. Words aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer numbers. Others are all about colours, shapes, shadows or light. Others, still, prefer to craft or create something from wood or another favourite material. There are those whose strong suit lies in cutting cloth and stitching. Or those with refined palates who can create an exceptional meal from a few key ingredients. The point is, we’ve all got our strong suits. The point is, words aren’t for everybody.

But, while words aren’t for everyone, you kind of can’t get away from them. Much like I can’t avoid food and I have to make the effort to learn to cook meals if I don’t want to eat take-out every night, you can’t avoid having to string some words together at various points in your life.

Think about it. That email of complaint you have to send. A text message to a friend updating them on what’s going on in your life. A Facebook post announcing your latest product or service. The point is, you’re using words in your daily life way more than you might think.

The power of words

I may have mentioned before, I stopped writing sometime around the time I joined the ambulance service. And I mean STOPPED. I produced little more than a shopping list for many years. But as my photography took off and a little business developed around that, I found myself writing again. Writing copy for my (hideous) website, dabbling in blog posts to share my work. And from that, I redeveloped my love of letter writing (or emailing!). 

The thing is, writing practically and creatively are inextricably linked. Every time you use words, you’re being way more creative than you might realise. That’s part of the beauty of words. You can use them to teach or share valuable information, you can sell, cajole and persuade people to buy your products or services. You can share your passions, values and personality through the language you choose to use. Words can be positive or negative. They can be simple or complex.

But they’re a tool you cannot escape from – in every part of your life and business.

For the love of words

Yep, what I’m saying is, you might not love words right now, but they’re here to stay and there’s no getting away from that. But you can develop a love for them. Which, in turn, can have a positive impact on your life and business. If you have a love, or even a mild appreciation, for words, you can use them in every part of your life in ways you may never have anticipated before!

Ways to love words more

Read more

Yep, reading more will open you up to wider vocabularies and writing styles. You’ll spot words and sentences that will make you laugh, make you cry or conjure up clear images in your head. You’ll start developing an ear (or an eye) for writing styles or even picking up on your own. Read all sorts – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, news, blogs, check out adverts, brochures, magazines. Look at different genres within fiction and non-fiction. Be aware of which ones you prefer over others. And have fun with it!

Listen to talks

I will admit, finding the time to read isn’t always the easiest. Although even if you can manage 15 minutes a day, you’ll be surprised how much you can read! But if you love to listen to podcasts, that’s a great place to start with picking up on the language and the use of words, too. TED Talks are great to listen to for hearing awesome word creativity. And speeches are worth a listen, the well-crafted as well as the completely non-sensical ones.

Come and join my Facebook group!

Yep. I’ve made it my mission to help people develop an appreciation for words and creative language. So I set up a group over on Facebook all about words! You can join by hitting the link below. Come join and say hi! I’d love to see you there!