What to Buy a Copywriter for Christmas

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I’ve never done one of these posts before. But I thought it might be fun to answer the question ‘So, what does a copywriter want for Christmas?’ with a post full of ideas to inspire you. Do you have a copywriter in your life? Do you always wonder what to get them to show you care? Then look no further, because here are my top suggestions for what to buy a copywriter for Christmas!

Decorations and Office Stuff

Many copywriters spend their days lusting after the perfect offices they spy on Instagram. Oh, ok, just me? I am a sucker for a pretty new vase, or a great pen pot or something beautiful to keep my desk looking organised and perfect. Here are a few suggestions: 

Cement Plant Pots – Every office should have some colour and life in it (other than you, of course!).

Concrete Quote Book Ends – And if you don’t have books needing a prop up, I’d be surprised! I particularly love these bookends. They speak to my word nerd soul. 

Geometric Concrete Pen Holder – Hold those pens of yours in style! 

Book Smell Candle – I love the smell of a new book (and an old one, to be fair!). Now I know there’s a candle smelling like books, I’m even happier. 

Tools of the Trade

No writer is complete without some kind of writing tool. But writing tools go beyond that these days. Here are my top suggestions (as well as some other organisational items): 

Kaweco Brass Fountain Pen – I love these pens, but this brass one takes things to another level!

Noise Cancelling Headphones – I don’t know about you but I cannot write a word if there’s music playing. I need total silence or blissful white noise. These should do the trick!

Standing Desk Platform – I used to think there’d be nothing worse than standing up to work, but I’m quickly realising that’s not true.

Bed Desk – Although working from bed has its perks from time to time. 

Magnetic Glass Calendar Board – Need your schedule in plain view? This will help.

MacBook Protective Cases – Protect your laptop AND look super stylish? Yes, please!

Hand Grip Therapy Balls – Any writer knows the fingers can get a bit sore and stiff with all that typing. Keep your hand strength up with these therapy balls. Also useful when you’re stressed, on a tight deadline or dealing with a difficult client!

Self-care Products

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to forget about looking after yourself when you’re stuck in amongst a list of busy deadlines. Help the copywriter in your life to take a moment and spend some time on themselves with these suggestions: 

Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set – I love a bit of Burt’s Bees. This gift set is a great all-rounder.

Burt’s Bees Rosemary and Lemon Lip Butter – And for a handy stocking filler, this is brilliant.

Cat Tea Infuser – I’ve only recently got back into tea. I would have started sooner if I’d had one of these adorable infusers!

Letters To My Future Self – I love the premise of these. 

Wonder Woman Mug – And just to remind you of what an awesome business babe you are!

Writing Themed Novelty Gifts

brightly wrapped gifts
Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash

I’m a sucker for a themed gift. Something a little bit out of the ordinary that shows you’ve thought about the person you’re buying it for! Here are some funky bits that I’ve found: 

Personal Library Kit – I don’t know about you, but my two favourite games as a kid were ‘teachers’ and ‘library’. Says a lot about me, I guess! And totally why I swooned over this library kit. 

The Sacred Creators Oracle Cards – To keep that creative inspiration flowing.

Antiquarian Bookplates – Remember bookplates? Why don’t we use them anymore? Pretty up your favourite ‘to keep’ books with these.

Creative Lettering and Beyond – If you fancy learning the art of pretty lettering, this book is a great start.

LED Word Clock – I’m obsessed with this clock. No numbers, all words.

Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf – Should you find yourself waiting in a queue somewhere, you can always read your scarf while you wait.

LED Lightbox – For those inspirational messages, you need a lightbox!

That’s What She Said – The Adult Party Game of Twisted Innuendos – Any writer loves an innuendo!

Subscription Boxes

Image courtesy of Ink Drops

The gift that keeps on giving! And what better than an awesome subscription box with all manner of goodies inside. Everyone loves awesome post, right?

Ink Drops Stationery Subscription Box – Pretty stationery delivered right to your door? Oh my! Yes, please! 

Scribbler Subscription Box – I don’t know any copywriter who doesn’t have a bit of a desire to be a published novelist tucked away within them. Get them this subscription box to encourage the novelist to come out!

There you have it, some unique and inspiring ideas for Christmas gifts for the copywriter in your life. Enjoy!