When To Hire A Copywriter and When To Do It Yourself

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when to hire a copywriter and when to diy

When it comes to your business, you may have realised that trying to do all the things yourself is bloody hard work. I get you! I was the same. Deciding whether you need to outsource something from your business can be a tough decision to make, though. You have to weigh up the pros and cons, figure out how much it’s going to cost and whether you can afford it. And, if you can’t, figuring out if you have the time to do the thing can also be a stressful task. So, I’m going to try and make things super simple for you today by explaining when to hire a copywriter and when to do it yourself. 

when to hire a copywriter and when to diy

Hire A Copywriter If…

You hate writing

I’d say this is a no-brainer. If you hate doing a thing, then why do it? There are people out there who love it and will happily do it for you for a fee. Just the same as you’ll do the things they don’t like, right?

You don’t have the time or energy

You know you need to market yourself. You know you need good copy on your website and that you should be consistently blogging. But between admin and client work and social media posts and accounting and looking after your family, you don’t have the time! And if you do find a pocket of time to write, it’s not surprising that finding the energy to write something can be hard.

Your existing copy isn’t working

You’ve got a bounce rate higher than a bouncy castle in a kids playground. You haven’t had an enquiry in your inbox in months. Could it be that your copy isn’t working for you any more? Or has it been that long since you blogged that Google has forgotten all about you? It’s probably time for a copy review and refresh. 

You struggle to sell yourself

I get it. Talking about yourself is hard. And selling yourself and your business is even tougher. If you’re one of those people who goes all mumbly at a networking event, then a copywriter would be an excellent investment for you. Salesy copy without the ick factor is a big plus point!

Those three letters (SEO) bring you out in hives

You have no clue what a keyword is or how to choose one. And when people talk about rankings, optimising and Yoast, your eyes glaze over as you daydream about unicorns. I’m so with you about the unicorns. Although not because of SEO. It’s a copywriter’s job to know about that stuff!

Your brand voice and messaging aren’t clear

Now, some might advocate that this is a reason NOT to hire a copywriter. But many copywriters nowadays bring their experience in brand voicing into the mix as well. So it’s worth talking to a copywriter who can help guide you through this process and get you thinking about your message and voice.

when to hire a copywriter and when to do it yourself

Take The DIY Method If…

You can’t afford a copywriter yet

Copywriting is an investment, I’m not gonna lie. There are copywriters out there to meet every budget from your experienced freelancers charging three, four or even five figures for a project, through to your hourly rate Fiverr-types. I’m not delving into the ‘you get what you pay for’ train of thought. Because there are some excellent low-end copywriters out there and some awful expensive ones, but, if you’ve got a particular copywriter in mind whose style you like and you just can’t stretch the funds that far right now… then don’t! Hold on. DIY what you can and come back when money is looking better.

You love writing and have the time

Even if writing isn’t what you do for your pennies, you can still love putting pen to paper. I’m always saying you don’t have to be a writer to write! As long as you have the time and can write good words for your business, then I say go for it. 

You know your brand voice inside out

If writing for your client comes as easy to you as picking up the phone and talking to them, or chatting to a friend over a coffee, then write. You’re ready! A considerable part of writing for your business is knowing who you’re talking to and what you’re sharing with them. If you’ve got the words to speak to them, then you’re good to get it down on a page too. Write, my pretties, WRITE!

You know a good critic

Have you got a friend who will tell you exactly like it is? She’ll tell you if that dress makes you look frumpy? She’ll pat your hand and say ‘Oh honey, you’ve got a huge piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth’? Then share your writing with her and listen to what she has to say. If you can trust a friend to tell you what you’ve written sucks, or you can believe she’s being genuine when she says it’s fantastic, then you’re good to go.

You know exactly what you want to write about

When you already know precisely what it is you want to say, asking a copywriter to do that task for you is setting them up to fail. Because they’ll never write it in the way that you already imagine it will be. If you’re confident in what you want to say, cut out the middleman. Get those words down on paper girl, you’re ready to get it out there into the world!

when to hire a copywriter

Well, what’s it going to be? Happy DIY-er? Check out my blog for more hints and tips and follow me on Facebook and Instagram, where I share more information to keep you going!

And if you’ve read all that and dropped your pen in horror, we should talk! Drop me a message, and let’s see how I can help you.