Why your website is actually about you

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We’ve all read the blog posts, watched the videos and listened to the podcasts telling us what our websites should be all about. It’s no surprise that the advice given is that it should be all about the client. The client experience, how you’re going to help them, manage their pain points and so on. But I have a different take on the matter. I believe that when it comes to your small business, your website is actually about you. That might seem to go against everything you’ve read before. But allow me to explain why your website is actually about you and not the other way around!  

Knowing your ideal client or ‘client avatar’   

The client avatar is the latest fancy way of saying ‘ideal client’. I thought I’d throw that little fact in there before we got started. It threw me for a loop the first time I saw it written down a couple of months ago!  When it comes to your small business, knowing who your ideal client is, or being able to describe your client avatar, is important. By knowing this person, it helps you to gear your brand towards them. It helps you write copy for that person.   

I’ve talked about this on social media a lot. I feel like I should write a whole post about ideal clients at some stage, but my feeling is this. You can fill in all the ideal client questionnaires in the world and write as many pages about this mythical person as you want. But you’re never going to know them as well as you know yourself.  

Here’s the other thing. Why try to aim your business at some made-up ideal that might be so far removed from who you are so that everything you say feels forced and fake? If you’re writing for a fictional client, it stands to reason you’re not going to be talking to them genuinely like you would to someone like you, right?   

Now, hear me out. Of course, your ideal client is not going to be EXACTLY like you. But there’s a good chance they’re going to be a LOT like you. They’ll be interested in the same sorts of movies or books as you. They might love the same music you do, or totally tap into the same pop culture references you make. They’ll be like you in lots of ways because you are going to be the person they’ll find interesting enough to want to work with. The only differences will be that they need the services or products you’re providing AND they’ve got the funds to spend on them.  

Now, isn’t sharing information about stuff you love and find super interesting far more enjoyable than making up crap to try and appeal to someone completely unlike you?

Back to your website   

It makes sense then, to say that your website is more about you, doesn’t it? You’re sharing what makes you unique on there. Your loves and likes and dislikes and loathes, your favourite references. Your branding should reflect your personality, your favourite colours, your morals and values. And, in so doing, you’ll be attracting those clients out there who align to some or all those things about you that you’re sharing through your website.   

Making sense yet?    

Of course, I’m not suggesting you’re not going to talk about your clients or potential clients on your website. You absolutely are. You’re going to address their problems and pain points, you’re going to show how you can help solve them. That is all part of what being a business owner is about.   

But, again, if you’re doing it in a way that feels genuine, honest and natural then it’s not ever going to feel like an icky sales conversation. Think of it as being like a couple of mates talking about how you’re going to help them!  

So, if someone tells you you shouldn’t be saying you’re a Harry Potter geek on your website, or that you shouldn’t suggest My Chemical Romance is the music of your people because it might “put off” potential clients, I say you should tell them to shut the fuck up. It is okay to put off some people from working with you. They’ll find the right person for them out there just as you’ll find plenty of people who are not put off by your geekery and musical choices.    

What I’m saying is, make that website all about you! Share your loves and likes with pride. Let it scream your personality. Let there be no doubt so that the people who resonate will immediately get in touch. Because it is YOU they want to work with.   

Come and talk to me about website copy that’s all about you and speaks to your ideal client. We’ll get that website sounding like you in no time!