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I feel like I live in my inbox...

How many times have you said or felt that sentiment?

As small business owners, our lives tend to revolve around our inboxes. It’s where we stay in touch with our clients, it’s where new enquiries come in…

And the moment you neglect your inbox, even for just one day, the number of new emails quickly seems to mount up.

It’s an unending battle!

The thing is, how many of those emails do you send out where you’re repeating the same information over and over?

Whether it’s at the enquiry stage, sending out responses to enquiries with your services and pricing…

Or whether you’re information gathering from your newly booked and existing clients…

The point is, email templates are exactly what you need in your life!

You no doubt have set workflows in your business when working with different kinds of clients.

From the photographer with workflows for wedding and family clients to the designer who has branding and website clients. If you’ve got multiple workflows (or even one for that matter) then you need email templates to further simplify this side of your business.

But no one wants their emails to sound robotic and, well, like a template, do they?

Which is why I recommend people make their own!

You can totally personalise the language in the emails and leave space to add even more personal touches when responding to individual clients.

But it’ll be as quick as a copy, paste and tweak before hitting send instead of having to write each email from scratch… you know how exhausting that can be!

But if you’ve never made template emails before, it can be a bit daunting.

Which is exactly why I’ve created three simple templates just to get you started.

And there’s also a more in-depth blog post about how to create your own templates too.

Winning all round!