Choosing a location that reflects your brand for branding photography

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When it comes to picking a location for your branding shoot, not every place will work for your brand. Bear that in mind before you start planning your branding photography session! Here are some of my top tips for choosing a location that reflects your brand when planning your branding photography session. 

1 Be clear on your brand

It won’t do you any good to try and choose possible locations if you’re not even sure what your brand is or what it stands for. 

Let’s say you have a relaxed, casual and informal brand. So, having a branding shoot in a formal setting, like a corporate office space or high-end restaurant, won’t work. However, if you work in the corporate sector, I wouldn’t expect to see you with branding images shot in a little coffee shop or cheap cafe either. 

If your business and brand are centred around nature and the environment, then an outdoor shoot would work. Or perhaps your clients are creative. So, using creative backdrops like an art gallery or some interesting graffiti would work best for you. There are always lots of ideas. Discuss your thoughts with your photographer and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction if you need help!

2 Take weather into account

Always plan for the worst-case scenario and have both indoor and outdoor options for your shoot. If you can make them close to one another and the weather is good, you might even have time to fit both locations in! If an outdoor shoot is important to you, do discuss with your photographer the possibility of rescheduling if the weather turns bad. Also, do listen to the photographer’s advice about ideal times of day to shoot at too. 

3 Also, think about the season

If your brand is flowery and spring-like, having a brand shoot in the autumn or winter is not going to give you the images you’re looking for. So do consider the time of year when planning your shoot as well!

4 Choose a location where you feel comfortable

The worst thing you could do is pick a spot where you don’t feel comfortable. That tension will show in your photographs and you’ll never be happy with them! Much like choosing outfits you feel comfortable and confident in, you should choose a location that makes you feel the same way.

This is worth bearing in mind especially if you’re picking a spot that’s open to the public. You’ll be having your photograph taken while members of the public walk by. This can make people feel awkward as you’ll always get someone who will want to stop and watch what’s going on! I’ve even had shoots where bystanders have stopped and criticised MY technique before! So, be prepared for the possibility of interruptions.

5 The only thing limiting you is your imagination!

Shoots can take place just about anywhere. Anywhere that’s accessible without being considered trespassing, of course! I’ve shot in coffee shops and cafes. Parks, woods and fields. In book shops and comic book shops. On the beach and by the river. On mountain peaks and valley floors. In museums and galleries and homes and office spaces. I’ve even shot in front of an aeroplane at the airport!

Bear in mind, some locations can take a little more planning and, occasionally, permission will need to be sought. Again, discuss it with your photographer. And then enjoy the shoot that unfolds!

I’m a big fan of branding photography sessions. They’re so much fun and it’s always interesting to collaborate with small businesses and come up with interesting ideas. If you want some awesome images for your business, find out more about my branding photography packages and check out my portfolio! 

With thanks to the lovely Jo from Hummingbird Weddings + Events and this awesome shoot at Hyde Hall!