Branding photography when exhibiting at a show

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Typically, when I get asked about branding photography, I’m asked to shoot in a person’s office or studio. Occasionally I’ll get asked about location shoots, such as at a favourite coffee shop for example. What all these branding shoots have in common is that they are set up to have photographs taken. Very occasionally, I get asked to capture branding photography for small businesses who are exhibiting at a show or event. This is really interesting to me. It’s definitely more challenging as I can’t style things for photographs. I also have to factor in the surrounding stands of other vendors as well as the public visiting. But it creates a natural set up for images of your business (and you!) hard at work!

Think about it. If you’re the kind of business owner who likes to show off behind-the-scenes stuff but keeping your imagery consistent, then this is a great way to do that. Booking a branding photographer, even for a short session, means you’ll get a good collection of photographs. So then you can drip-feed them to your social media over the coming weeks and months.

Speak to your photographer, too, about getting a couple of new headshots at the same time! Events and shows usually provide some interesting backdrops which can work well with your business and branding. You’ll be dressed nicely and ready to have your photograph taken if you’re facing the public too. So, why not get a couple of headshots at the same time? Do check that your photographer is happy to do that as part of your shoot though. And if you spy a backdrop at another vendor’s stand you like the look of, get permission and give them credit when you share the image on social media! Also, plan to have someone come along to assist so you can step away from your stand for a few minutes to have your photograph taken.

Do consider that, if it’s a paid entry to the venue, you might need to get permission for your photographer to come in with a pass. Or perhaps you can offer to pay their entry fee for them.

So, if you are considering an events-based branding shoot soon, do get in touch! I’d love to get those shots for you!

With thanks to the lovely Kal from Quint London for booking this shoot!