Why sometimes I’ll give you a blurry photo…

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You know, when you’re learning to be a photographer, the technical aspects of photography are hammered into you as being so incredibly important.

You’re taught that photographs should be composed and exposed well. That body parts shouldn’t be cut off unless shooting a close-up portrait and that, most importantly, photographs should be clear and sharp so you can see the subject in them. This becomes so drummed into you that you fear the blurry photography, you really do. I have probably binned loads over the years because they weren’t “technically” perfect. But hey, I’m older now and know myself a lot better. So here’s why I’ll sometimes give you a blurry photograph…

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Now I know how to take a technically proficient photograph, I also know how to break the rules and still be ok with it! For example, a quick guide for a newbie photographer-in-training is something called The Rule of Thirds. It’s a compositional tool and, as a learning photographer, it’s a tool that gets followed religiously in just about every photograph you take. Until you start to realise that it’s ok to stick your subject slap-bang in the centre or have your horizon line halfway down a page. The same goes for focus. The better you become, the more experimental you become which means sometimes it’s great to break the rules a smidge…

It’s All About The Moment

I’m not perfect. I’m grown up enough to admit that! Sometimes I make mistakes or I’m reacting to a situation so quickly I don’t get time to make sure things are going to be technically spot on. But that’s because I believe in moments – the emotion, the relationship, the love between two people – and I won’t stop at anything to make sure I capture it for my clients. After all, that’s why they hire me! If that sometimes means having to forgo a perfectly sharp and focussed image and, instead, living with the slightly blurred but beautifully emotive one, well… I’ll take that!

blurry photograph, advice

It’s Art, Baby!

When all is said and done, I am an artist at heart and the images I create are, fundamentally, art. So, in the interests of art and everything it stands for, occasionally a little intentional blur is exactly what’s called for in an image! 😉

blurry photograph, advice

I Like It

Simples! I shoots what I likes. That’s why you hired me, you crazy, imaginative fools! Bloody love you all xxx


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