Why Springtime Headshots Are The Absolute Best

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You’d think an allergy sufferer like me would much prefer the sterile environment of an indoor studio for headshots. Hey, when my nose is streaming and my eyes are puffy and itching, I’m inclined to agree with you. But what can I say? Something keeps drawing me back to getting people into our great outdoors for their headshots and I just can’t help myself. Here’s why I think springtime headshots are the absolute best, especially right here in BC!

springtime headshots

Everything Comes Alive

Including you! I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking that winter can be a total drag, can’t it? The short days, limited light and endless grey clouds, rain and cold is enough to make anyone feel pretty miserable, right? But something happens when spring comes along. The days get longer, the skies lighter and brighter. There’s more chance of sunshine or even those stunning springtime light rains. And, most excitingly, blossoms start to bud on the trees and the world starts to come alive again.

There’s a reason the saying is ‘Put a spring in your step’. There’s something about this time of year that just feels joyful, light and there’s an expectance of amazing things to come.

All that positivity and joy means you’ll be looking radiant in your headshots! And even if a spring shower decides to grace us, we’re much more likely to take it in our stride as the lightness of spring fills us with optimism and hope.

springtime headshots

So Much Colour!

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of colour. And what more colourful time of year is there than spring, when all the beautiful blossoms start to come out? The pinks, peaches, yellows and purples are, frankly, the most beautiful display of natural art you’ll ever find. And having them right there in your headshot photographs is absolutely perfect if your brand is bright and colourful, like mine!

springtime headshots

Warm Light and Warm Temperatures

Before the heat of summer, the warmth of spring is just enough for you to feel comfortable shedding a layer or two, especially on a sunny day. That means more opportunities for different outfits as part of your headshot session! I include up to three outfit changes as part of my headshots package, so whipping off a layer or two on a warm spring day won’t fill you with dread. 

The light in spring starts to change too. Warmer light, especially in the late afternoons, has a wonderful way of softening your photographs. It’s so flattering too and it’s why I’ll always encourage a later afternoon shoot outside if you can manage it.

springtime headshots

Look, truthfully I’ll photograph you in any season and I’ll always make it work. But I couldn’t resist sharing some gorgeous flower-filled and springtime headshot photographs just to whet your appetite! 

If you’re ready to book your springtime headshots in Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley and the lower mainland BC, then do get in touch. I’d love to get you in front of my camera!