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Capturing large-scale events and professional commercial images in the Fraser Valley


Quality commercial photographs of your business or event with a little personality?


Do you sometimes think commercial pictures can look a bit stiff or super formal?


Is finding a photographer who can capture your big event in a natural and candid way a tough task?


Are you tired of looking like every other business out there and want to stand out from the crowd?

The words “commercial” and “business” present a particular idea to anyone who sees them. And there’s a certain expectation of how commercial and business photos should look.

Picture it now… lots of formal suits, sharply styled hair, maybe even a tie. And plain backgrounds, or shiny metal and glass surfaces in neutral tones. A stiff, angled body and a barely-there smile. It’s all a bit… dull, isn’t it?!

And large scale events – conferences, workshops and trade shows – can take on an impersonal tone. You absolutely want your event to look professional, but shouldn’t it also look fun to attend?

Isn’t it about time you did away with the Plain Jane pro photos and got yourself some vibrant, lively ones instead?

Woman at a workshop event sticks post it notes to a grid on a table


commercial photos


Imagine a collection of crisp, clean and bright commercial photographs of your business, your offices and your employees, with a little flair and an obvious personality that matches your brand.

No more drab and boring interior shots that leave you feeling a bit ‘meh’.

No more stiffly posed headshots and an office full of grumbling employees who hate having their pictures taken because it’s boring and no one wants to wear a tie!

And no more event photos that don’t show the atmosphere and joy everyone felt because you know how to lay on an amazing experience! 

Booking me to capture your personality-driven commercial and business photographs, or having me to photograph your epic business event, guarantees you’ll have the kind of images that really vibe with your brand. I know you want more than functional photos and that’s exactly what I’ll make sure I get for you! Photos you can be proud of and share all over your website and social media accounts.

I’ve got you!

Bright clean office space, with pink couch, plants and blue wall with the words Dream Plan Do

Commercial and events photos you’ll adore

Injecting real personality into professional, quality photographs for businesses that want more.

A gallery packed full of vibrant, colourful and professional photographs of your commercial business or event. 

Photos that aren’t boring, formal, stiff or awkward and that keep your business visible in the only way you know how – with life and personality and a whole lot of passion.

But it’s not just a few funky photos…

I want to get under the skin of your business, so I make sure I’m getting the kind of images you want and need from your shoot. I’ll set up a planning meeting with you before the shoot or event itself to find out what’ll be happening and when, what you specifically need and to offer any guidance and advice from my end if you need it. It’s important to me to find out your business personality so that we focus on bringing that out through your photographs, am I right?

Commercial and Event Photography sessions with me include:

a pre-shoot planning session over Zoom, so I can be 100% clear on what exactly you want and need before I start wielding my camera about! And so we can also run through any ideas you’ve had and I can offer you my expertise and knowledge about how to achieve them.

an on-location shoot, because you need a photographer to come to you or wherever your event is being held! Your offices or event space will be the perfect backdrop for your business and brand.

a 10-day turnaround and your edited images delivered via an online gallery, so you can start using them quickly and as soon as they’re ready, for whatever you need them for. 

a commercial usage license, so you’re free to use your photos as you wish to market your business with no extra hidden costs.

Commercial and event photography is available in 2, 4 and 8-hour time blocks to perfectly suit your needs and requirements. If you need even more flexibility, just ask!

Police hat on a dinner table, in the background a person stands at a podium on the stage

If you’ve met one commercial photographer, you’ve met them all, right? 


It might not seem like it on the surface, but we all bring something different to the table, which is something you should consider when you decide what you need from the person taking your commercial and events photographs for you.

Of course, you want photos that look like the absolute best version of your business. But that doesn’t mean a ton of Photoshop and airbrushing! I make very minimal edits, only removing anything “non-permanent” (like bruises or surprise pimples!). You should know I won’t make anyone look thinner, younger or something they’re not. But they will look the best versions of themselves!
This isn’t just a matter of me showing up with camera and clicking to get a few shots. This is a collaboration. Your ideas and suggestions are as a much a part of it as anything else, because these images are going to represent your business so you have to like what they show!
I’m as flexible as a limbo dancer when it comes to planning photos for your business or event. I’m open to all ideas and locations, the more inventive the better! Ultimately, I want you to be over-the-moon happy with your photos so I’ll do everything I can to see that happens!
An all-round lovely person
Working with me is usually described as being like working with a friend. When we meet up (over Zoom!), we have all the fun chats about you, your business and anything else that springs to mind. My mission is to make you feel like you absolutely made the right choice by booking me to take your pictures for you. And I’m not averse to sending surprise sweet treats to butter you up, either *wink*

Happy Clients

We got exactly from the photoshoot what the brief was and the website and blog photos look crisp and clean with some subtle branding too. It’s been two years since our last team photo shoot, mainly because the team hated it so much I avoided it. But not anymore. We will be back!


Realtor, Martin & Co.

Sarah is the perfect mix of talented, fun, professional and caring when it comes to a client photo shoot.

She makes you feel comfortable from beginning to end and delivers a set of high-quality photos that highly exceed expectations!


Business Development, Healthy Family Media

Having Sarah at the event was incredible. I have used her for my own headshots that I love, and I knew that she’d bring the same dynamic energy to the event as well. Her flexibility was beyond what I could have hoped for, and I would have her photograph another one of my events without question.


Coach & Consultant, Conquering The Summit



Your investment will bring you a wealth of epic photographs that you’ll be sharing for months and years to come.




Planning session

2-hour shoot on location

All the edited images via online gallery download

10 business days turnaround

Full commercial use license



(+ GST)

Half The Fun



Planning session

4-hour shoot on location

All the edited images via online gallery download

10 business days turnaround

Full commercial use license



(+ GST)

Event Full



Planning session

8-hour shoot on location

All the edited images via online gallery download

10 business days turnaround

Full commercial use license



(+ GST)


Can we book you for a shoot tomorrow?

While it has been done before (and I’m not averse to a challenge!), I do prefer to book shoots a minimum of 1 month in advance. This is so I can get to know you, your business and your brand better, as well as give us time to properly plan for your session.

It may be that I recommend getting some props involved, and you’ll need time to source those. Or it could be that I need to do some research about the types of images that would work for your niche.

Ultimately, while short notice is doable, it doesn’t guarantee the quality of work provided to you. So, if you’re wanting a shoot with me, I would wholly recommend getting in touch sooner rather than later so there’s time for me to do the absolute best job for you!

Do we own the copyright to the images?

In short, no.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the photos as you like! I include a full commercial usage license with your photos, which allows you to use them for marketing purposes, to sell your services and products. You’re also allowed to crop the photos, make graphics with them (in places like Canva) and put them on your business cards, brochures and website as much as you like.

However, it’s worth noting that you’re not allowed to make big editing changes (such as overlaying filters or changing the colours of the images). And the only other thing you can’t do is sell the images. If this is something you think you’ll want to do, let me know and I can quote you for the additional licenses to do this.

How many pictures will we get?

For commercial shoots, while it’s hard to give a specific number, you will get around 60-70 photos per hour. This may be less or greater, though, depending on what is being photographed and how the time is managed.

Event photography is very hard to predict and depends on many factors – least of all whether there is plenty of action to be photographed during the event! Regardless of the number, I always guarantee that you’ll receive all the useable images taken on the day. I only remove technically unacceptable images that can’t be rescued in the editing process or those with facial expressions that might be less than flattering (half-closed eyes and talking shots mostly, although I can keep a blooper reel for you if you really want me to!).

What's the booking process?

Start by hitting the button below and heading to my contact page. Fill out the form with your details, and I’ll get in touch to arrange a chat with you! Once we’re done talking, I send you out a proposal so you can read all the details. And, when you’re ready to book, you just need to approve the proposal! I ask you to sign the Terms and Conditions and pay a 20% booking fee. 

The invoice for your balance will be sent out with the link to your online gallery of edited photographs. You’ll be able to preview but not download or use the images until payment has been made. As soon as you’ve settled the invoice, the download information will be forwarded to you!