Two Point Four

poetry | writing

Clocks and commuter trains dictate your life

Meetings in bored-rooms, then home to the wife

Budgets and payments balance on the knife

Welcome to your two point four adult life


The kids scream for more when there’s just no cash

Sunday you’re part of the great trolley dash

So wonder when life became one bad hash

Welcome to this two point four adult crash


Look for some comfort from all that you are

Fucking some girl in your family car

It’s pretty damn clear you’ve not come that far

Welcome to your two point four…


two point four…


So is this the life you dreamt for yourself? The “safe, reliable job”, the 2 litre, the 4 bed semi in a respectable middle class street? The doting wife, adoring children, faithful labrador?


Practicality, sensibility, responsibility?


So shut up your mouth and don’t dare complain

Passed caring for an unwashable stain

Bed bound you writhe with a new phantom pain

Welcome to this two point four adult chain