Easy Emails Template


Been putting off writing to your email subscribers because it takes too long to get an email done and out? Feeling the shame of a fully ghosted email list and wondering how you can ever write to them again? 

Then the Easy Emails Template is exactly what you need.

Writing emails to your subscribers doesn’t need to be a time-suck of a task. But when you’re faced with a blank page and the task of “write my weekly/bi-weekly/monthly newsletter” is looming at you from the to-do list, it can feel hella painful and take oh-so-long to do.

Lean in for a minute folks because I’ve got a little secret for ya. 👆🏻That was me a little over a year ago. Writing a simple email would end up taking ALL. DAY. And there ain’t nobody got time for that, right?

Fast forward to now and I’m emailing my list not monthly, not bi-weekly, not even WEEKLY. I send three (yes, 3!) emails a week to my awesome subscribers and it has been the most incredible fun and experience getting to this point. 

But I couldn’t have done it without a system…

Which is where the Easy Emails Template comes in.

This, folks, is the exact template I use to write those thrice-weekly emails, a task I batch once a week and it takes me around an hour (plus a little bit extra for optimal GIF selection, natch) to get them written, loaded up to my email platform and scheduled to go out. 

If you want to up your regular email game… then this is the template that’ll help you get there!

The Easy Emails Template includes: 

  • A template (obvs!) - the one I use every month to write to my subscribers
  • A quick video, complete with howling wind outside my window (seriously, I wasn’t going to record it AGAIN!) walking you through how to use the template
  • A bonus hint or two about emailing your list from the owner of a list with an average 45% open rate and 5%+ click-through rate (yes, from THREE emails a week - one of which doesn’t have any links to click through on!)