The Home Page Copy Kit


Are you struggling and swearing over getting your words written for your home page?

Does the idea of sharing your links kinda fill you with embarrassment and dread?

Is your home page bounce rate springier than a slinky?

Then it might be time to consider some help. Not everyone has the budget to hire a copywriter, though, which is why I've created The Home Page Copy Kit, so you can take charge and wield that pen with confidence.

If you want effective and impactful copy that's going to grab your audience's attention, the ability to bring your own special slice of personality to your words and you don't want to feel like you're missing a trick when it comes to making your home page work for you, then the Home Page Copy Kit is exactly what you need.

Broken down into two modules and nine units, the kit covers all the theory, planning and prep before you write a single word of copy in Module 1, and in Module 2 it zooms in to specific areas of copy you need to write for your home page, including your hero statement, value proposition, a short about you bio, social proof and calls to action. You also have access to a private Facebook community where you can share your words, ask for feedback from your fellow scribblers and ask me any questions you have about the course. There are also multiple bonuses! Check out the full sales page for all the information.

**Please note: You'll have access to the course for the entire duration of its existence and access to all the updates and upgrades that will be applied over that time.