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Let your home page copy do the hard work so you don’t have to

If your home page isn’t converting visitors to enquiries and your bounce rate would make Tigger a super happy cat, then it’s probably time to tackle your copy, don’t you think?


When was the last time you shared the link to your website without feeling just a bit embarrassed about what they were going to see?


Have you even dished it out recently? Or have you avoided the shame while thinking to yourself, ‘I really must get my home page sorted’?

the home page copy kit

Hold it right there.

Because if you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, that’s a whole lot of potential customers and clients you’re missing out on and it’s about time we nipped that in the bud, lovely!

You’re a hard-working business owner and you deserve to make the sale or get those enquiries because you’re good at what you do. So let’s stop allowing your home page to get in the way of that and, instead, turn it into a lean mean lead-generating machine, shall we?

Just imagine . . .

the home page copy kit

More enquiries (or maybe even more sales!) from new visitors to your website


A home page that catches the eye and interest of the kind of customers and clients you LOVE to work with


Step one on your customer’s journey being totally on brand and so memorable they’ll be hollering about you to everyone they know

It’s totally doable, with home page copy that actually sounds like you and speaks to your audience in your unique voice.


The Home Page Copy Kit!

The only way to achieve memorable, punchy and effective copy for your website’s page one.

Months of delay probably would have turned into years with an ugly home page. Ick! So, so grateful for this resource!!

– Becky

The Home Page Copy Kit is a self-paced DIY course of short videos with transcripts and workbooks, checklists, templates and resources to help you write the kind of home page copy you’ve always wanted.

This is as close to professional copy as you’ll get in a DIY format because it goes through everything you need to know about your home page so you can be sure you’re making the most of every section of the page most of your visitors will land on first.


Inside you’ll find:

Copy That Connects

How to write conversational copy that your audience will connect with.

Planning Your Copy

All the planning and prep work you need to do before you write a single word of your home page copy.

Home Page Goals

The goal of your home page, so you know exactly why your copy needs to make an impact.

The Anatomy of a Home Page

I’ll run through a full layout of a home page, diving into the sections you’ll need to include.

Above The Fold

What ‘above the fold’ means and how to write a hero statement that’ll grab your visitors’ attention.

Value Proposition

What a value proposition is and how to write one for your home page.

About You Bio

Tackling a mini about you bio and showing you that writing about yourself doesn’t have to feel awkward or icky.

Social Proof

Why social proof is a must, how to collect it and how to use it effectively.

Calls To Action

How to write the kind of calls to action that prompt your audience to TAKE ACTION.

A Community of Scribblers

You’ll have access to a dedicated Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask me course-related questions and have your copy reviewed by your fellow home page writers!

Did I mention there are bonuses?

Frankly, this course is more than enough on its own, but I’ve added in a few bonuses just to make the home page writing experience that much easier.

Brand Voice: Find Your Voice Workbook

A brief overview of how to find your own unique brand voice and formalise it by creating a mini brand voice style sheet so you’ll be able to write consistently for your business beyond your home page.

Headlines and Subheadings Cheat Sheet

A list of tried and tested formulas to help you easily put together headlines and subheadings that grab the attention of your readers every time.

SEO Tips for Your Home Page

Good copy will only get you so far! This short guide will walk you through how to SEO optimise your home page so it gets found and listed on Google.

Website Navigation Guide

An often overlooked area of copy, this PDF will give you some sound advice on how best to define your menu headings.


right for you?

This course has been put together for the kind of clients I loooove working with. It’s perfect for you if:

  • You’re a business owner with a website
  • You’re a creative service provider or maker who has (or is developing) a strong personal brand
  • You appreciate personality-driven copy and want that for your business
  • You’d love to work with a copywriter but your budget isn’t quite there yet
  • You feel like you’re losing opportunities with your existing home page and you’re ready to change that!
the home page copy kit

Hey there,

I’m Sarah *waves*

Not so long ago I was where you are now… struggling to find the kind of clients I really wanted to work with. I’ve been a business owner for over a decade but I’ve called myself a copywriter since 2019.

Over the last four years I’ve worked with a multitude of awesome creative business owners all over the world. Wedding and family photographers, wedding planners, pet sitters, coaches, course creators, quilters and candle makers and even an all-female construction company. My clients know the importance of great copy and expressing their own unique personalities through their words.

I’ve lent my eyes and word-nerdy brain to many business owners over the last few years, too, by advising them and helping them tweak their copy to perfection. I’m always super excited to see how business owners who never saw themselves as copywriters write such personality-driven words for their businesses. I knew I wanted to create courses to help business owners just like them write the words they’ve always wanted but haven’t had the confidence to tackle.

This course is the first of a whole bundle I’ve got planned so I do hope you find it interesting, useful and fun!

I put off redesigning my home page for months even though I knew it was awful. Every time I looked at it, I just felt so stuck and overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to start. Sarah’s Home Page Copy Kit was exactly what I needed to take action and update my home page. I’m no professional designer, but it’s 1000x better thanks to Sarah’s help!

The Organized CEO

The Home Page Copy Kit

is yours for


Done in a day copy

My personal guarantee

Due to the nature of this being a digital product, your purchase is final and no refunds are offered. This is very much a new product, though, and my aim is to produce a product that’s valuable to you. That’s why I’ll be open to hearing your feedback, making changes and creating updates to give you a product you’ll be happy to have bought. You’ll have access to the product for as long as it’s available and you’ll have full access to every update and upgrade through the life of the product. Hopefully that’s reassuring and sounds fair!



What will this course do for me that a simple template won’t?

I believe that, to write good copy that actually sounds like your voice and works hard for your business, you need to understand what goes on behind the scenes and before you even write a single word. This course talks you through the theory, as well as instructs you on how to write some of the key pieces of copy you’ll need for your home page. And there is a template! So you’ll know where each piece of copy needs to go.

Will you help me with my copy?

This DIY course has been created so that people who don’t quite yet have the budget to work with me one-on-one can still have awesome copy for their business. That does mean I don’t specifically offer a review of your copy as part of the course. You can, of course, purchase one of my Copy Intensive sessions once you’ve written your copy and we’ll work through it together to give you that final professional finish. There is also a community element to the course where you can ask the opinion of others in the group about your copy and ask me questions as needed.

Will this course be suitable for my type of business?

I work mostly with service providers, course creators and small business makers and crafters. The course covers how to write a home page for these kinds of businesses so, if that’s you, then the course will be great for what you need! It’s less ideal for larger corporations and ecommerce type websites.

How much time will I need to complete this course?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have an exact time I can tell you yet as it’s still very new. So far, the videos are relatively short, the longest being a little under 20 minutes long. There are exercises to work on as you go through and then, of course, how long you take to write your copy does depend on you. I’ll update my response to this question once I start to get some feedback from my lovely home page scribblers!

I found this fantastic copywriter and she has a magic recipe for writing home page copy that you REALLY want to read. The Home Page Copy Kit really goes in-depth to show you how to write copy for a fabulous home page, even if your writing skills are only “mediocre”.

Are you ready to tackle your home page copy?