Autumn in Salmon Arm, BC

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The smoke from the horrendous wildfires – still ongoing along the west coast of the USA – filled the Fraser Valley for much of September. When it finally lifted, it was a glorious experience to see the blue sky and gorgeous mountain views we’ve come to know and love again. But it was also a shock to see the first flashes of autumn appearing on the usually green tree-filled landscape. At what point did it become the end of summer? I also had another realisation at that point. It’s been almost a year since our weekend of autumn in Salmon Arm, BC and I have yet to show you the photographs! I’ve been pretty lax in sharing any personal work recently, haven’t I? So, consider this my promise to make more effort. I’ve got plenty of stories and photographs to share, after all!


autumn in salmon arm bc

Where is Salmon Arm, BC?

I often comment at some of the weird and wonderful names of places here in BC. Salmon Arm is one of the least strange among them. Located in BC’s Interior, it sits on an arm of the Shuswap (pronounced ‘shoe-swap’) Lake. It’s a small city of fewer than 18000 people, and it’s known for the beautiful lake and mountain scenery that surround it, as well as the Adam’s River Salmon Run

We only spent a short weekend up in Salmon Arm when Stu’s parents came to visit last year. Booking an Airbnb around 30 minutes north of the city, we were tucked away in the woods with views out of the ginormous window over the lake. As is usually the way with these things, we weren’t lucky with the weather. It stayed pretty grey and occasionally rained during our trip. But the colours of the leaves were no less spectacular and ally enjoyed capturing some of those colours on camera.

autumn salmon arm bc
autumn leaves in salmon arm bc
autumn in salmon arm bc
autumn salmon arm bc

Thinking about visiting?

There are a bunch of things to do in Salmon Arm! Activities like kayaking or fishing on the lake, if that’s your thing. Or if you prefer the forest, you can hike and bike the many trails in that part of the world! And, if you’re looking for something more relaxing, why not tour some of the many wineries in the region. You can then finish your day by relaxing on your deck and enjoying the scenery, peace and quiet. And, of course, you can just enjoy the colours of the trees if you spend autumn in Salmon Arm, BC.

We were quite enamoured by the region, and we’re looking forward to heading back there at some point! 

What do you think? Will you make this a place to visit next time you’re in BC? Or can you recommend somewhere else as lovely? Drop a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!