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Take your emails from blah to ta-da! And finally start engaging with your mailing list

Emails your audience can’t wait to open
With links they’re excited to click
And offers they’re tripping over themselves to buy


You had an engaged and eager list of email subscribers that you couldn’t wait to sit down and write to every week?


A group of excited people who love getting your emails, however often you choose to send them (yes, even daily!)


A ready community of warm leads who are itching to hear about your latest offers and ways to work with you


An audience of potential customers and clients who see buying your newest product or service as a complete “no brainer” decision

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Email Sequences

that sparkle, shine and stand out from the email crowd

You’ve done the thing… you’ve set up your mailing list, put the lead magnet out there… but now what? Friends, it’s time to harness the power of email marketing with email sequences that’ll have your audience sitting up and taking notice of who you are and what you do.

If you haven’t heard by now, email marketing is where it’s at. Think about it. People have handed you their email address and WANT to see you in their inbox. This is a warm audience who are primed and ready to hear about your offers. So why waste that opportunity? It’s one thing to have a list and even to send semi-regular emails to your subscribers. But how are you welcoming them into your world? How are you nurturing them and effectively selling to them between those “top of mind” emails? 

Email sequences are designed to work towards specific goals—to welcome new subscribers, to re-engage those who have gone quiet, to introduce new services and offerings, and even to make sales. Imagine it… emails that actually make you money!

woman sits on desk working through a copy intensive

Epic emails in just 6 steps:

Step One

Drop me a message and let’s start the ball rolling. I’ll send you some information and a link to book in a free consult.

Step Two

After we’ve chatted, I’ll send you a detailed proposal. Choose your package, fill out the form and sign the contract and once you’ve paid the 50% commencement fee we’ll be ready to begin!

Step Three

Once you’ve done your homework, we’ll hop onto a kick-off call where I can do a little brain picking of my own. I’ll also talk you through what happens next.

Step Four

After our meeting, I’ll do my research and put together a specific strategy for your emails, which I’ll send over to you to review and approve.

Step Five

The writing begins! This is when I’ll go into head down and hibernation mode. When I resurface, you’ll have oodles of excellent copy to review!

Step Six

We’ll wrap with final revisions (you get two rounds of changes) before I’ll send your words off for a final proofread from a second set of eyes. Once that’s done, the copy is all yours to use! Happy emailing!


what you need?

Book in if:

You’ve got an email list set up but no welcome sequence for new subscribers—because how are your audience supposed to know what’s what if you don’t tell them when they first arrive? 

Your subscribers don’t know who you are or what you do—it’s only polite to introduce yourself properly to them. How else do you build up the know / like / trust factor? 

You seem to get more unsubscribes with each email you send out—you’re struggling to keep your audience interested but you don’t know what to do about it. 

You know you can sell through your email list—you just haven’t figured out how to do that in a way that doesn’t feel super icky and gross to you. 

You’re about to launch a new offer but you just don’t have the time to get sales emails and pages written up—launching is hard and time consuming. There’s so much to consider. Having someone to tackle your emails will definitely lighten the load.

Looking for someone to write your regular emails and newsletters to your list? You can book me on a monthly retainer. Reach out to find out more about this.


Sarah never fails to impress!

She completely captured my voice and vision in the email sequence she put together for my course.

– Alexa G


Sarah here!

As a creative copywriter who mostly flies by the seat of her pants (okay, okay, there’s definitely some organisation going on behind the scenes…) and pushes back against this idea of formulas, expectations and having to speak in a certain way, I bloody LOVE writing emails. You know why? Because just about anything goes. You’re not confined by the rules of SEO. It’s effectively a letter to your audience. And, as a prolific penpaller in my youth, I love nothing better than a good letter (ooh, that rhymed!). Writing and receiving them!

I’m on a mission to make emails interesting. Yes, they need to showcase your work and encourage engagement and maybe even some sales, but they also need to be personable, readable and UN-unsubscribable! I’m not suggesting you remove the unsubscribe link by the way (ick!), just that your emails are so fun to read people LOOK FORWARD to getting them in their inboxes. 

My own awesome subscribers often email me to tell me how amazing my emails are (<– utterly shameless brag). I’ve had comments like: “I always look forward to your email. First you amuse me to no end but you always offer value.” (Thanks Barbara!) and “B R A V O Loved reading this” (Thanks Vicki!). And you should know I email my list three times a week… 

Fancy a bit of that awesomeness for your inbox? Then you’re in the right spot!

Choose Your Sequence

Dinky Sequence


Consult, kick-off meeting and brief

Sequence strategy

3 emails up to 500 words each

2 rounds of revisions

A final proofread



(+ GST)

Classic Sequence


Consult, kick-off meeting and brief

Sequence strategy

5 emails up to 500 words each

2 rounds of revisions

A final proofread



(+ GST)

All Star Sequence


Consult, kick-off meeting and brief

Sequence strategy

7 emails up to 500 words each

2 rounds of revisions

A final proofread



(+ GST)

More Kind Words

You went above and beyond what I even imagined. And the video explaining everything… AMAZING.

Sydney S.


Wanna know?

How long will it take to get my emails?

I make it a habit to work on only one project at a time so, from the time of your kick-off meeting to delivery of your first drafts should be around 1-2 weeks (depending on how many emails you’ve asked for!). If there are going to be any delays, I’ll keep you in the know.

I’m in! Can you squeeze me in next week?

As much as I’d love to (and I do love your enthusiasm!), probably not. My calendar is usually booked at least a month in advance, plus there’s some prep work you’ll need to do which you’ll need a bit of time to complete! 

Why should I book a copywriter for a project like this? Can't I just use a template and do it myself?

You know what? You absolutely can. There are plenty of them out there. But that won’t give you a totally bespoke sequence that’s unique to you, your business and brand. I write email sequences not based on a formula but based on what your goals are for that sequence and how you want your audience to engage with it. That’s why every email sequence I offer comes with an email sequence strategy included so we can make sure those emails are hitting your goals.

Sarah is a dream to work with, professional, fun and most importantly, delivers the goods. Hire Sarah – she’s ace!!

Clare B.


Sarah’s fucking amazing, just do it and I promise you won’t look back.

Fiona E.

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