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Carefully crafted website copy that’ll have your visitors trippin’ over themselves to buy!


Convinced the words on your website are a total turn off?


Does your website’s copy feel unfinished, out of sorts or just not as polished as you’d like it to be?


Do you often feel like the words on your website are letting your business down?

When it comes to saying the right words to sell your products or services on your shiny new website, it can be so hard to get it right. You second-guess every word. Everything feels forced, salesy and just a bit gross. And who even knows what you need to put where?

The thing is, the words on your website have a purpose. They’re there to connect and convert the people that visit your website, moving them from vaguely interested to itching to hit the buy now button.

  • You KNOW your website needs more than just some pretty pictures, a price list and a contact form.
  • You KNOW you need to be driving the story of your brand home with engaging copy.

Because the copy on your website needs to sell what you’re offering, it just needs not to SOUND like it’s coming from the mouth of a retro door-to-door salesperson. 

Good copy is easy to read. Good copy is full of fun, personality and your unique brand voice. Good copy is persuasive and gets the job done… without the reader even realising it.

And that can only be a good thing for your business.


WWWebsite copy
that makes you proud


That’s why you need a copywriter, to take the mish-mash of ideas inside your brain, and shape them into wicked website copy that’ll make you slap your hands together like an excited sea lion.

Imagine copy that lights up your brand and makes you beam with absolute pride.

No more fixed stare at the blinking cursor of doom. No more aching head as you try to find the words to say ‘Here’s my stuff, please buy from me!’ And no more sickly feeling while you search for the words to talk about yourself. 

Leaving your website copy in my capable hands means you can go back to doing all the things in your business that you love to do. I’m here to pluck awesome words out of your brain and rearrange them on the page in a way that makes you think ‘Did I really say such awesomeness?’ 

It’s time to trust me with your words, friend!


WWWords Website Copy

You’ll be sharing your website even louder and prouder than ever before.

5 pages of tailored to you, blindingly good copy, that sounds like everything you’ve already said and displays the personality of your business perfectly.

It’s not just words on a page though.


We start the process of building your copy by having me poke around in that head of yours, asking questions and figuring things out as I listen to the words that come out of your mouth. This is the bit all my clients refer to as the “brain pickin’”. And it’s how I learn the best way to write in your voice so that the words I give to you will resonate, not only with you but your audience as well.

All the pages I write for you will be optimised for one long-tail keyword, which Google will love you for. And I also include meta descriptions – those little blurbs you see on a Google search results page – as part of your package. 

And, once you’re happy with how all your words are looking (two rounds of revisions to make sure I get it right!), your work will get one final spit and polish proofread so there are no embarrassing typos waving at people from your home page.

The WWWords Website Combo package gives you 5 pages of yummy copy for your website, which works well for most service-based or small business websites. But you can totally customise this by adding on extra pages if you need them.

Consistent copy in your distinct brand voice

Consistent copy in your distinct brand voice that weaves through your entire website is something I am all about. And so are my clients. Clients often tell me just how many comments they get about their website copy after working with me. That the words on their websites really do sound like them. And knowing that what I’ve written is helping to build up that know, like and trust factor for my awesome clients is pretty damn amazing.

But you may be thinking that it’s not worth it to pay someone to write your website copy. That you could just do it yourself. That paying out that kind of cash isn’t really worth it to you.

Those are all totally valid reasons not to hire me to write your words. But… here’s the thing, there’s a reason I call it an investment in your website copy, and not just “here’s the price”. Because you’re not just investing in some words for your website. It’s more than a few sentences on a screen. 

You’re investing in your brand, tapping into the psyche of your audience and bringing all the cleverly persuasive skills into play to lead your audience to where you need them. And it’s not a magic trick, there’s nothing gross or misleading here. These are just good copywriting techniques that are proven to work, but in a way that doesn’t make anyone’s skin crawl or have you shuddering in sell-yourself-horror. 

I hand-on-heart promise never to use phrases like ‘Buy my thing… TODAY!’ or ‘It’s never going to be this price again!’. There’s no way in the world I’ll use words to make you sound like you’re rubbing your hands together eagerly as you sweatily lead them to the most expensive item on your website. 

What you will get are words that are honest, open and full of integrity. Words that sound like you and truly convey your personality on the page. I’ll give you words your Mum will read and have her immediately think you’re in the next room. And they’ll be words you’ll feel comfortable sharing, maybe even saying out loud yourself.

So, why choose me over any of the other copywriters you’ve had a nose at?

Sure, what I’m offering is pretty much the same as any other copywriter out there. But I firmly believe it goes deeper than the deliverables when it comes to choosing the right copywriter to capture those words for your business. You see, writing is pretty personal work and we each bring a little bit of ourselves into what we do. And it’s that tasty little morsel you need to figure out if you want worming its way into your copy.


I live and breathe words

In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I’ve had a love affair with them my entire life. Words are powerful. They can change you. Persuade you. Engage you. And how they’re put together to bring out your unique voice is as exceptional as a fingerprint. Your fingerprint, to be specific. It’s those tiny little nuances that I want to bring about in your words and your copy. And it’s the thing most people recognise I do, but can’t quite put their finger on how I do it.



You should know that working with me isn’t a one-way street. I don’t expect you to throw a few bullet points at me and then cut and run. Oh no, sugar, you ain’t getting away that easily! This is a collaboration. I’ll be asking you a ton of questions and the more open and honest you can be with me, the greater detail I can bring into your copy.



And it really does matter to me that the words I give to you are ones that make you sob like Moira officiating David and Patrick’s wedding. So there’s a full revisions process we’ll work through to iron out any little kinks and fling any words you don’t like over our heads.


An all-round lovely person

I suppose I should just say I’m also a pretty great gal to work with. I do my damnedest to make it feel like what we’re doing together isn’t really work. There are chats not just about your words, but about what you do as well. And it’s my ultimate goal to have you say, by the time we’re done working together, that you really did make the right choice by booking me to write your website copy for you. And there are occasional sweet surprises I’ll send out to you as well *cough* not averse to bribery *cough*



Happy Clients

Clients who now constantly get complimented on their website copy!

Sarah has such a caring approach and her attention to detail is spot on. She ensures the work she does is personal to her clients. This was exactly what I needed to set up my website for my new business. Sarah has a true talent. Not only is she fantastic and clear with words, but she cares for the people she works with and has a real passion for what she does.


Pet Sitter

The process Sarah uses to understand her clients is as beneficial to them as it likely is to her. I lacked clarity in what my ultimate value statement was/is and her process of questioning and clarifying really brought that into focus. That was as important for me as it was for informing the fabulous words you wrote, allowing me to then share that message more broadly.


Photographer & Artist

I worried initially whether or not Sarah would be able to take the thoughts from my head and transcribe them to paper (or screen!). But I needn’t have worried as I’m already getting so much positive feedback on how much everyone loves my copy! Sarah takes the stress out of copywriting, and makes it fun in the process!!


Handmade LED Candle Maker



That’s the crux of it, right?


When you’re making a big investment like this, it’s easy to doubt whether it’s the right thing to be spending your money on. 

I totally get it! 

Here’s the thing. It may actually be that investing in copywriting ISN’T right for you at this moment in time. 

But if you really don’t have the time, skills or clear message, then it’s worth us having a chat. 

Because what you put into paying someone like me to write your copy for you will come back in higher conversions and sales on your website. I’ll help you get clear about your message, as well as honing your brand voice. And have I mentioned how much stress and time you’ll save yourself? Yeah, I think I might have. 

Picture the outcome – new visitors to your website being immediately engaged in the words of your brand, falling in love with the stories you share with them and finding themselves nodding along as you guide them through their pain points and to their desired outcome.

Imagine them fist-pumping the air as they realise they’ve finally found the right person for them before they quickly hit your contact page.

It’s a-comin’!



Why can’t I just buy a single page to see how it works?

I put as much time and effort into writing one page for you as I do multiple pages. I take you through the brand voice process and strategy for your pages, so it makes sense to do this as a full website effort rather than just for a single page.

And can you imagine how disjointed a website it would be if you had different people writing different pages? Having me write all your pages together means consistency all the way through your website. Nothing says pure professionalism more than that!

How long is the process of working with you?

When we first start working together, there’s some homework you’ll need to factor in before your project properly kicks off. You’ll have a series of questions to answer, and I may get you to send me existing examples of your words (such as emails and brochures you’ve created). All of this helps me get under your skin and start to learn about your brand and business, as well as the words you use to talk about it.

Your project kicks off with a kick-off meeting, where I’ll review your responses and dig deeper with further questions, as well as come up with some additional questions I might need answers to. 

Then I go into research mode, where I find out everything I can about you, your business, your competitors, audience and industry. Using what I find, along with the words you’ve already given me, I put together your brand voice guide and a rough outline for how each of your pages is going to work. 

When you approve that, I get started on your copy! I aim to have your copy written and ready for you to review within 4-6 weeks of your kick-off meeting (although it’s usually sooner). But I’ll make it absolutely clear when you can expect your first drafts.  

You’ve got 14 days to review and submit any revisions of your copy, and I aim to work on those revisions as soon as I have some time available in my schedule. This does all depend on how many revisions you’ve requested and whether they’re simple or complex (more complicated revisions might warrant us jumping on another call). 

And how far in advance do I need to book you?

This varies greatly depending on my existing workloads, but I typically book clients a minimum of a month before their kick-off meeting.

So, what's the drill? How do I book?

Hit the button below and head to my contact page. Fill out the form with your details, and I’ll get in touch to arrange a chat with you! Once we’re done talking, I send you a proposal so you can read all the details. And, when you’re ready to book, complete the proposal and sign the contract! I ask for a 50% commencement fee to lock your project in. 

The remaining 50% will be due on completion of your first drafts!


to work together?