Creative Copywriter and Brand Photographer

Helping you to be your most genuine, open and honest self in your business through your words and photos.

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Ready to get real?

You’ve got things to say but you don’t know how to say them. You have a story to tell but “once upon a time” just doesn’t cut it. You feel like your photos don’t show your fun and geeky side.

I’ve got you.

Creative copywriting and branding photography full of heart ‘n’ soul. Because that’s YOU. 

Telling your story through words and photos. Well, that’s all me.

No bullshit, no jargon…

Just conversational copy and brand photos that look like your very best self… without any photoshop!

(I wouldn’t have it any other way.)


See me for word nerdery ‘n’ picture takin’

With a lengthy career as human dictionary extraordinaire and photography side hustle behind me, you get all my knowledge, expertise and LOVE for words and pictures as part of every  project we work on together.

Frankly, I bring it ON because helping you shout your message loudly, clearly and in your voice gives me all the feels.

Let me take the stress of stepping in front of a camera or writing for your business off your hands, while you get on with doing all the stuff you love the most.

Woman with purple hair and glasses in mustard yellow top, smiling and leaning towards the camera
Woman with purple hair and glasses in mustard yellow top, smiling and leaning towards the camera

I don't want to tell everyone how amazing you are as you'll get too busy to write for me 🤣

You’re ace and you just get it. You work with enthusiasm and I never feel like you’ve just knocked the words up. You actually put the effort into research as well as writing! You always deliver in good time and you give great advice.



From developing a blog post routine to the copy that sits on your website and just about everything in between, if there are words you need for your business, I’m all over that.


headshots & brand photography vancouver bc


You’re the face of your business, so start showing it off! And how often do you wonder what photographs you could be showing on social media? Brand photography has got you covered.


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Looking for templates, cheat sheets, courses and more to help you with your business copy? Or copies of the contracts I use in my own business? Here’s where you’ll find the good stuff!



people have said

Sarah found ways to get the good stuff outta me.

Sarah is a shining star! She took the time to learn about me, my process, and how I interact with clients to come up with the best possible copy.

Megan Breukelman

Megan & Kenneth

Sarah got into my head and survived!

If you’re looking for someone who will make your copy sound like you without repeating all those words you know you shouldn’t be repeating, then Sarah is the person for you.

Carla Thomas

Carla Thomas Photography


Home page copy doing the very best it could be?

Your home page has just seconds to grab the attention of its visitors. SECONDS.

Download my free guide today and learn what copy you need to include on your home page and how to make it clear, attention-grabbing and connecting with the right audience.


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