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Awesome Etsy Inspiration

Welcome to…. my awesome list of Etsy inspiration!

I am a total sucker for shopping on Etsy so it seemed only right that I share with you a few things I’ve found on my meanderings round the website recently.

Moon phase bracelet by Zenned Out

How gorgeous are these bracelets with the phases of the moon on them? I just love them for their simplicity and uniqueness (and I’m a total sucker for rose gold jewellery at the moment too). I don’t wear bracelets often but I think I would happily wear this!

Girl with a camera by Gillian Gamble Art

I am so in love with Gillian Gambles prints right now. I have recently purchased one of her amazing Frida Kahlo prints and I can’t wait to find a frame for it and get it up on the wall! But, for obvious reasons, this girl with a camera appeals very much to me too.

for like ever wood sign by OhDierLiving

I absolutely adore a wooden sign but wow if they haven’t all got a bit “samey” and boring of late. I think that was why this one caught my eye!

Off you Fuck Travel Mug by KatieAbeyDesign

I have been wanting a ceramic travel mug for a while now – ya know, to help the environment and stop me using all these cardboard cups! But I don’t want something boring, oh no. I want this awesome one with a nice little sign I can flash at people if they get on my nerves…

Grand Living Wall by Urban Botanist

A lot of what I look at on Etsy is stuff for my house. Yeah, I’m at that age now… I am seriously in love with greenery and succulents at the moment, despite the fact that I can’t keep them alive (yes, I am the girl who killed a cactus). So when I saw this my eyes widened. I want! Although will probably have to put the hubby in charge of watering…

Test tube chandelier by PaniJurek

Seriously, what’s not to love about this light?! Vintage, floral and totally eye-catching. Wow!

What are some of your favourite Etsy finds? Comment below and send me links so I can shop! 😉


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