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So I walked into one of my wedding couple’s houses this week and the first thing I noticed was a handful of their wedding images printed and up on the wall.

Nothing fills me with more joy than to see that.

If there’s one thing we’re all guilty of now, it’s not printing our images. I’ll hold my hands up, I’m just as guilty. I’ve only recently had one of my wedding images printed and framed to put up in our living room – we’ve been married 4 years! I know, naughty Sarah. Slap my wrist, somebody!

The thing is, times have changed. With digital cameras, phones with great image-taking capabilities and everyone being so busy… well, it’s easy to forget about printing your photos.

We all do it, sitting around chatting over a coffee we’ll say, pulling our phones out of our pockets, “Oh, this is my other half” or “Here’s where we went to Paris”. All those lovely images we’ve captured sit in our phones to be shared occasionally, or posted on Facebook or Instagram. And, if you’re anything like my father-in-law, you’ll then delete them all to make space!

But does anyone else remember the nostalgia of sitting flicking through old photos? Or poring over an album?

I feel like nobody does that anymore – including me.

Well, this year I’m making a promise. And that’s to start printing more photographs. It’s time to put photos up on the wall, or into photo albums, or even into a special box so that, occasionally, I’ll sit looking through them all and remembering all the great things that happened when they were taken.

So, when you get your images back from your photographer, or you come home from your holiday with a memory card full of images… PRINT THEM!

Where should I print my photos?

There are so many places to choose from. From the local supermarket to a high street chain like Snappy Snaps, they’re all pretty good and cheap. There are also a load of websites like Truprint or Snapfish, to name a few. There are also higher end places like Digitalab that I would highly recommend for superb quality images at a reasonable price. And if you really want to go all out, you can always purchase prints directly from your photographer who will use professional level labs and have a variety of different sizes and products to offer you.

I offer all my clients a print service as well as all their digital images because I believe, wholeheartedly, that images are meant to be printed and kept or displayed for enjoyment. I’m also a fan of choosing a few favourite images and sending prints out with their USBs, just because!

What about displaying my photos?

Seriously, there are so many ways to go about doing this now! What about a gallery wall in a favourite spot in your home? Or picture shelves? I have a pin board above my work desk with favourite images pinned up. And I love looking through my parents old photo albums whenever I’m home. You can buy frames from just about anywhere! Some of my favourite places are: Ikea, The Range, Wilkos, Sass & Belle and even Amazon, just to name a few!

So, get printing!

I’d love to see your prints on display. Feel free to comment and post an image to show me people are printing their images.

I also offer a range of art prints for sale to display on your walls alongside all your fabulous photographs. You can find out more about that over here.


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