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There have been a few business shoots on the blog lately – it’s an area of my business I’ve been focussing quite heavily on since I arrived in Chilliwack because I love working with small businesses.

This is the last of the business shoot posts for a while and it is probably one of my favourites from early last year, not just because I was working with my awesomely talented friend, Kelly – the talent and brains behind Willow Path.

Kelly has been creating beautiful jewellery for as long as my photography business has been going and while she may have pared the business back recently to concentrate on her other business (she teaches a form of sign language to babies and toddlers – super multi-talented my girl is!), her work goes from strength to strength.

Kelly’s bridal range, in particular, is beautiful and you can find her pieces over on her Etsy store.

Kelly commandeered me to come and take some shots of some of her recent work which I had a lot of fun doing. In fact, Kelly’s jewellery had been one of my very first subjects when I first got started with my little photography business oh so many years ago *cough* seven!

So, here are some of the shots from that shoot!

As I said before, I love working with small businesses of all kinds. So if you’re looking for a refresh of your photography on your website, then I would love to work with you!

Hit the link below to find out more!


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