Small Business Branding Shoot: Mallow Magic


Small Business Branding Shoot: Mallow Magic

Sometimes my job is so hard. Like, really. Having to photograph delicious smelling (and looking) marshmallows and not being able to take a bite? The hardest thing ever. I kid you not. But they say you have to suffer for your art, so when Kelly from Mallow Magic got in touch and asked to book one of my small business branding shoots, as she needed some new product shots for her website, of course I didn’t say no!

Mallow Magic is the brainchild of the very lovely Kelly Schrader. What started out as creating a gift for her Dad on Father’s Day has turned into an amazing little business. Kelly creates the most delicious marshmallows – honestly, they were so good I bought ten packs straight off (okay, I did give some of them as Christmas gifts to friends). They come in a multitude of flavours and Kelly is always experimenting with new ideas. Edible glitter covered marshmallows anyone? Vegan marshmallows? Honestly, there isn’t anything this girl can’t create!

My personal favourites had to be the mint choc chip flavour. They actually had big chocolate chips in them and they are sensationally good. And they all look so pretty too! And if you’re thinking posh marshmallows are going to be expensive, well, guess what? They’re really not! I highly recommend you get on over to Kelly’s fab website (and I’m not just saying that because I took the photographs!) and order some immediately. Do it now!

Kelly frequently pops up at a variety of farmers markets and shows to sell her wares (and I’m betting she probably has a few samples out to taste as well) and she also has a S’mores Bar available to hire for various events, including weddings. So if you fancy hiring that for your event, give her a shout!

I am always happy to photograph your products for your website in a natural setting so if this is something you’d like to find out more about, check out this page. And get in touch!


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