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A Love Shoot in Cromer | Laura + Pete

Earlier this year I decided to throw a competition to find a properly loved up couple to photograph.

I had a huge number of amazing entries and, in the end, I couldn’t pick just one couple and so I chose three! Laura + Pete were the first couple I selected and I met up with them and photographed them in the gorgeous seaside town of Cromer.

It was an extremely grey, cold and blustery day in early May when we met up for their shoot and we wandered down to the seafront to capture some images.

Laura + Pete met through the RAF. Laura says “Pete was my instructor for a training course!” – It’s a bit like Top Gun, right? 😉 But it wasn’t until Laura went off to Australia to visit her brother that love really blossomed for these two. It was only then that Laura realised just what Pete meant to her and how much she missed him. On her return to the UK 3 years ago, she and Pete got together and she told me that they have been together ever since. Last year they were married and it was just before their first wedding anniversary that we captured these photographs so hopefully the images were an awesome anniversary gift for them!

One of the questions I asked in my competition was: How do you show your love for one another? Laura responded:

“Pete makes me laugh, like all the time! He brings out the silly in me & it makes me love him more & more each day. He is a very loving guy, he shows me that everyday with anything from a text message to tell me he’s missing me even though he’s been gone 10mins to coming home with a bottle of wine when he knows I’ve had a hard day. I tend to play a bit more hard to get, I prefer to show love through trying my best to look after him & our dogs in any way I can.”

I’m sure you’ll agree Laura + Pete didn’t need the sun to shine, they positively glowed in front of my camera and I had a great time meeting them and capturing these images for them.

Congratulations on winning guys!


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