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I’m often asked when a photo shoot should take place and, I have to say, I tend to give pretty much the same answer every time. Photographers are big fans of light but we’re a bit picky about what kinds of light! So, let’s talk about the ideal time of day for you to have your love shoot so we can get that dreamy light we all love!
Light is, of course, affected by the position of the sun in the sky. The higher the sun gets, the brighter and harsher light becomes. But when the sun is lower in the sky, light becomes much softer and warmer and something magical happens. The time of day I’ll always advocate for will be early morning or late afternoon/early evening, a couple of hours before sunset
Actually, being honest, I am not a morning person. Given the choice, evening light will always be my preference. But I’d make the effort of an early morning if a client asked for it!
Like I said, the light changes at these times of the day. It’s much softer, more golden, making everything look warm and inviting. I get to play with the light as it flickers through trees, or creates flare in my lens. 
Laura and Chris’ engagement shoot was a perfect example of that gorgeous soft light, as we wandered around Hylands Park last summer. It didn’t actually get totally epic until right at the very end though, as we were walking back towards the car park, in fact. A beam of golden light shot through the clouds and lit up the green area right by the car park. It was breathtaking.
I persuaded the guys to do a few more minutes with me and, I’m sure you’ll agree, the photographs were gorgeous. But don’t take my word for it… here’s some of the photographs from that shoot!
Thank you, Laura and Chris, for such a great shoot. Thank you for going with my suggestions when it came to arranging a time for the shoot. Thank you, too, for hanging on and getting those lovely golden light shots right at the end! 
If you’d like your own golden light love shoot, then drop me a line and let’s get you booked in!


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