A Wintery Engagement Shoot in Victoria Park, London | Claire + Keith


A Wintery Engagement Shoot in Victoria Park, London

Sometimes, just sometimes, here in the UK in the autumn we get the most perfect light of an afternoon, which shines through the gloom over the grey clouds and lights the autumn leaves in the trees. Sometimes.

The day before Claire and Keith’s shoot was exactly like that. I had high hopes. I expressed those high hopes to Claire and Keith in a message. The following day I woke up to one of England’s typical grey skies which showed no sign of improving.

As the day drew on I messaged Claire and Keith again… “At least it’s not raining!” I said.

Really, I should know better.

But you know what? Despite the grey, overcast sky, despite the light shower that greeted us as we arrived at Victoria Park in Hackney, which forced us into a charming little coffee shop at the entrance of the park for a hot drink while we waited for the rain to stop… despite all that, we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and I absolutely loved having this pair in front of my camera!

Claire and Keith are just the sweetest couple and the general gist of any wedding talk was that people were glad they were finally getting on with it. They’ve been together for 16 years now and so it probably was time the two of them got hitched!

Claire and Keith are clearly a couple who know each other so well, after all those years together and I love how easy and comfortable they are in each other’s company. I certainly made for a very easy engagement session and I spent pretty much the entire time with them laughing myself silly, whilst also trying to keep my camera steady! After the rain subsided, we strolled up to the beautiful Chinese pagoda (avoiding the pigeons – Keith hates them!) and played some games and chatted a lot.

So, despite the clouds and rain, the day was really bright and happy, just like these two. I had a lot of fun getting to know them both and, when the shoot was done, I was so excited for their wedding day – there will be a blog about their wedding coming soon! For now, though, here are the photographs from their engagement session.

I hope you enjoyed look at this shoot as much as I enjoyed capturing it. I can’t wait to share their awesome wedding with you soon!


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