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Bringing your little one to your engagement shoot


There’s a good chance, if you’re planning your wedding that, at some point, we may cross paths to discuss your wedding photography. If you go ahead and book me, you’ll discover that one of the things I love about working with you, is organising an engagement session as part of your wedding package. I explain to all my couples that having an engagement session is as much about us all getting to know one another and having a little practise at being in front of the camera as it is about preparing for your wedding. One of the things I get asked by many of my couples is if they can bring their little one along and make a bit of a family shoot of it. The answer, of course, is a resounding yes, but here are a few hints and tips for you when planning to bring your little one along to your engagement shoot.

Pick a good family spot for your shoot

By which I mean, choose a place that your little one is familiar with, or will happily enjoy exploring. Woods, parks and farms are all good suggestions, with plenty to keep your little one’s attention for at least a few minutes!

Bring along a favourite toy or teddy

When your tiny human starts getting fed up of their surroundings, they may briefly be placated by their favourite toy. It also gives them something to hold and cuddle up to if they’re a little scared of the big smiley girl with the camera!

Also bring another human

By which I mean a family member or friend that your little one knows and trusts who can look after them and keep an eye on them while I work with just the two of you. This means you can concentrate on getting some lovely pictures of the two of you without getting distracted about where your little one has run off to or what muddy puddle they’re about to fall in!

And snacks…

Basically, bring anything that will keep little one happy and smiling for as long as possible. From previous experience, that includes snacks, juice, a change of clothes, a pushchair or stroller if your small one hasn’t been walking for too long and might get tired along the way, oh, and some change to stop for ice creams if need be – good for you as well as your toddler!

Family photos first

I’ll aim to get shots with all of you to start with – this helps with getting happy, smiling photos rather than grumpy, tired and fed up ones later on down the line! Get your friend or family member to come along though, they are always quite handy to pull funny faces over my shoulder and draw a few smiles and attention towards the camera if need be!

Make the most of being a couple…

…even just for a few minutes! Once little one has grown tired of having their photograph taken, let your handy helper take them off and leave the three of us alone for a bit! Hahah! Don’t worry, no funny business! But now it’s your turn to get some of those lovely couple shots you’ve probably seen on my portfolio at some stage. So try not to worry about your little one, they’re in safe hands – now you get to be a couple in love, briefly! Go with the flow, enjoy it and you’ll soon be reunited with the little one, I promise!


…remember to have fun! The more relaxed you are, the happier you’ll look and the more natural your images will be! And if you guys are having fun, your little one will see that and enjoy the experience too. That being said, if they’re having a bad day and really don’t want to play ball, then don’t worry too much. Kids will be kids, so let them go and play with your chaperone if they really don’t want to have their photograph taken. Don’t worry, I’ll get plenty of shots of them at the wedding!


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