Canal Path Engagement Shoot | Janet + Paul


Canal Path Engagement Shoot, Devon

Janet used to be our downstairs neighbour when we lived in Rayleigh. She was the ultimate single girl and the first time I heard that she was in a relationship was when she contacted me to ask if I would photograph her wedding! Needless to say, Janet and Paul’s relationship was a whirlwind one, as Janet explained, she knew she loved Paul so why wait? Actually, there was something about their age in there as well, but I’ll put that to one side because, frankly, age doesn’t matter. Love is love and that’s enough!

In the process of their engagement, Janet and Paul also decided to up sticks and move down to Devon! So when Janet told me they’d be getting married in Devon I was very excited. I grew up in Devon and I remembered how beautiful the countryside was so I couldn’t wait to get down there again, even if it was just for a short stay.

With Janet and Paul now being a good five hour drive away, and not a lot of time before their big day, we made the decision to do their engagement shoot literally the day before their wedding! We arrived one hot, sunny afternoon in August and met Janet’s parents before we headed out for a lovely stroll with Janet’s cute dog, Isca, along the banks of the Great Western Canal just a few minutes from their home in Tiverton.

Paul had already told me how nervous he was about having his photographs taken so I worked as hard as I could to help him relax but I needn’t have worried, he is just so loved up with Janet and seeing how cute they were together made my job super easy!

Keep your eyes peeled for Janet + Paul’s wedding, being blogged very soon!


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