LGBTQ Love Story in Hylands Park Chelmsford | Nikki + Kate


I’m always happy when a couple suggest Hylands Park for their Love Story portrait session, especially in early spring!

It’s one of those places where there’s a real peacefulness and beauty wherever you walk, no matter how busy it is.

Nikki and Kate came along for this Love Story shoot back in April when there was still a slight chill in the air and the threat of rain was ever-present. But hey, we’re English, we’re well used to this kind of weather! The girls were total troopers, in spite of the cold and we had a great session.

For me, these shoots are a great time to get to know a couple – how they met, how they work together, what their comfort zones are with each other, especially in a public place! I would say that Nikki and Kate are a quiet, understated couple. Not necessarily comfortable with big public displays of affection but, when the mood is right, the two of them really do know how to snuggle up close together and enjoy the moment.

Thanks for going along with me and all my silly suggestions and games, girls! I hope you really love the photographs 🙂

PS I am just loving that jacket of Kate’s, aren’t you?!

To book a spring love shoot, get in touch here X


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