Family Stories, Home Comforts shoot with gorgeous Jake


Just a few short months ago, one of my great friends, Kelly, gave birth to a teeny tiny little boy, Jake, and what a cutie he is!

Most of you know I’m not a particularly maternal girl. I tend to hold babies like they are fragile ornaments. Babies tend to cry when they look at me, as if they know (they really do know!) that this woman has no idea what she’s doing round a baby at all. It’s true, I really don’t! But Jake has totally brought out a little something in me – let’s call it an “aunt-ernal” streak, if you will. This little mad bundle actually smiles when he looks at me and tolerates my attempts at holding him, winding him and even feeding him! *I’m quite proud I managed the latter without choking him*

Anyway, I digress. I headed round to Kelly and Darren’s house one morning recently to capture some images of a typical Jake-y morning – napping, playing with his toys, cuddles with Mummy and, his favourite, playing with the remote control. Ah, such a Daddy’s boy already! So, here are some of the images… a special little mention has to go to the super cute teddy bear made out of some of Jake’s very first baby grows. How cute is that?! If you want one of your own, please check out Smiley Memories on Facebook.

Family Stories portrait sessions can be done in your own home, with no cheesy posing or need for studio backdrops. Just you, your family and your home. The session includes a shoot up to 2 hours long and all edited images provided in an online, password-protected gallery to share with family and friends plus all the images on disc in formats suitable for printing and sharing on social media.

To book a session, click here for more details.


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