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I don’t know about you but my family is not perfect, far from it. We are a mishmash of personalities – headstrong, stubborn, fiercely independent, quick to argue (er-hem – discuss!). We laugh often and loudly. We have a wicked sense of humour. We speak regularly but see each other not so much because we’re spread across 3 countries.

We are utterly imperfect… and I bloody love that.

The chaos, contradiction and, ultimately, overwhelming love of families is why I photograph family sessions the way I do. No formality, in your own home or a place you all love. I’m not into lining you all up perfectly or making you strike silly poses. We just have a bit of fun, chatting, playing games and seeing what happens.

Which is exactly what happened with this session with the lovely Welsh family – Wills, his beautiful wife, Jenny, their son, Jamie, daughter, Laura and grandson, Jack. We met at Wills and Jenny’s beautiful family home in Leigh-on-sea one autumn day last year to capture some new family photographs in celebration of Jenny’s 60th birthday (and I’m sure she’d probably tell me off for telling you that!).

Watching family dynamics are just so much fun. It’s so lovely to see just how much in love Wills and Jenny are, the sibling rivalry with Jamie and Laura and how everyone adores cheeky little Jack.

I hope Wills, Jenny and their family get lots of years of enjoyment from the photographs I shot that day.

If you would like to book a family session, check out my packages and get in touch!


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