…I’ll help you tell yours.

Storytelling photography with heart and soul for all you wild-hearted, free-spirited life-experiencers, capturing your story in an honest, natural way.

I believe in imperfection and celebrating your quirks and nothing makes me happier than the wind whipping through your hair and blowing it all around instead of it smoothly staying put during your shoot.

Your images should be about you, capturing your personality, vibrancy, love, joy and all the emotions…

…let’s tell your story together.

Fun, carefree and no pressure. Completely perfect for people who don’t do photos!

How can I help you?

I’m Sarah…

I’ve been a storyteller my whole life. There’s something truly beautiful about the way each person goes through life and I wholly believe that we each have a story to tell.

Photography is just one way of capturing those stories, those experiences and those memories.

Life is about grabbing it all with both hands and experiencing every crazy moment – the laughter; the tears; the smells; the sounds; the tastes; the textures and all the feelings.

Travel Plans

As of January 2019, I have made my base in Chilliwack, BC but I’m already making plans to travel!

If you are looking for a photographer and like what you see here, don’t be put off by my location. Give me a shout and we’ll talk through your plans! I will happily work all round Canada, Europe (particularly the UK, Ireland and Malta) and just about anywhere else besides.

I have no firm plans in place as yet but I will post dates regularly and make plans around your event, so really, have a chat with me and let’s work something out!

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Small Business Branding Shoot: Mallow Magic

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