Bedroom Stories

boudoir /ˈbuːdwɑː/

A woman’s bedroom or small private room, according to the dictionary. Although, interestingly (and this is my favourite explanation), it is actually a word derived from the French word meaning ‘a place to sulk in’!

Boudoir has come to mean something else, more recently. If you search for boudoir photography online you’ll find thousands of beautiful images of women in lingerie, or less, striking model poses for the camera.

They are wearing lots of makeup, with their hair styled and, in a lot of those images it’s fair to say, a good bit of airbrushing has happened to make those women look like the most perfect version of themselves.

But why should we, as women, have to live up to that ideal?

The beauty of a woman is that she is not perfect. She has curves and soft skin, she is rounded, she is warm, she is natural and she is you.

Now I am all for making you feel good about yourself… but I’m a firm believer that it should be the actual you that you feel good about, not the made up, edited and airbrushed version.

Which is why my ‘Bedroom Stories’ are a little different.

These sessions are not all about ‘getting your kit off’ – although if you feel comfortable enough to do that, then let’s go for it. They’re about celebrating your natural beauty. They’re about giving you the confidence you’ve always deserved in your very own skin.

Sessions take place in your own home (or we can look at hiring a space if you prefer), there is absolutely no pressure to strip off – you can wear your favourite pj’s, if you want. Wear makeup or not, have your hair done or don’t, whatever makes you feel incredible and relaxed and happy is all that matters because this is what will shine through in your images.


Bedroom Stories


+ Up to 3 hour shoot in your own home

+ All the edited images presented in an online gallery to share with family and friends (password protected, of course!)

+ All your images supplied on USB in formats suitable for sharing online and printing as much as you want

+ A few little extra surprises…


 C$500 | £295 | €335