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Story of You

You. Beautiful, strong, confident you.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Thinning hair? Strands of grey? Wrinkles that seem like they’ve appeared overnight?

We are all so self-critical and quick to point out our flaws. And yet, the world sees you in a completely different way. Ask a family member or a trusted friend what they see and the answers will likely be far more positive – kind eyes, an infectious smile, flowing locks they’d give their right arm for! Take a look, again, in that mirror but this time looks at those bits you dislike and think about them in a different way…

Wrinkles around your eyes? A life of laughter and smiles so wide your cheeks start aching.

Crooked teeth? A world of mouth-watering meals you’ve tasted, like that amazing pizza you had in Italy or the delicious cake you had on your birthday.

Every person – every single one – deserves to be comfortable in their own skin. People, in all their forms, are beautiful and it’s about time we had a revolution. No more air-brushing, not more “perfection”, not more feeling guilty. Be comfortable with the body you have, be confident, ooze sexiness and just be!

Every part of you – your face, hands, feet, scars – all tell a unique story. They tell the story of you, your life and your experiences, both good and bad. It’s all part of the soul of you, the heart of you – beautiful, strong, confident you.


Story of You


+ A 60 minute shoot in a location of your choice

+ All the edited images presented in an online gallery to share with family and friends

+ All your images supplied on USB in formats suitable for sharing online and printing as much as you want

+ A few little extra surprises…


C$325 | £195 | €220