Travel Photography

I have a wanderers soul, the heart of a nomad…

I love to travel and, of course, take photographs as I go.

Recent trips have included Berlin, Copenhagen, Malta, Dublin, New York, Tanzania, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Stratford-upon-Avon and Vancouver, Canada.

I’m always looking for new places to visit so if you’re interested in having a shoot with me, let me know where in the world you are and I’ll see what trips I can plan!

For now… here’s a gallery of some of my travel images. Prints are available to purchase and I am happy to take commissions. Just pop me a message and we’ll have a chat!


Travel Plans



June – Victoria, BC



January – New Orleans



Please message me for dates!

Recent Travels

A Long Weekend in Copenhagen | Travel Photography

A Long Weekend in Copenhagen | Travel Photography  There’s a lot to be said for last minute travel plans. Cheap flights to Copenhagen anyone? But be warned, a long weekend in Copenhagen is a lot of fun but it will not be anywhere near as cheap as those last minute...

Chilliwack BC – The First 100 Days

Chilliwack BC - The First 100 Days  Last Saturday was my 100th day in Canada. I thought that was worth mentioning and perhaps sharing some of my experiences from these first few months. First off, I cannot believe it is already May, that this year is a third of the...

2018: Going Out With A Bang (or, a year in review…)

2018: Going Out With A Bang (or, a year in review...)And a happy new year! I realise it’s almost the end of January already (err, seriously, how did that happen?) but I’m always of the belief that late is better than never. As I’m pretty sure you all know, the last 4...