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Louise + Steve

Getting Married…


Your Next Great Adventure!


Whether you’re planning an intimate family celebration with your closest family, a grand lavish affair with everyone you know or the most perfect, private elopement with no one but the two of you, your celebrant and your photographer… you really are taking a truly exciting step forward into the next phase of your lives together.

And that is the greatest thing of all.

However you choose to do it, however many details you want to include, whatever kind of dress you want to wear or what your budget is, it all comes down to just one thing… the two of you making vows to one another to spend the rest of your lives together.

Never forget that!

The rest of this is just decoration. What matters most, and is at the very heart of it all, is your relationship and your marriage.

If nothing else, try to remember that and enjoy every single moment…


All About Eloping!

All About Eloping!

All About Eloping!   Full details of an awesome elopement offer right at the bottom of this post. Keep reading or scroll straight to the bottom for all the details! That moment you get engaged, the excitement, the love, the full heart and oh, the ideas! It's all...

Getting wed in a barn… | Alice + Ian

Getting wed in a barn… | Alice + Ian

Getting wed in a barn…   ‘Born in a barn, were ya?’ That was the question my Dad used to ask me whenever I left a door open… I’m fairly sure he wasn’t thinking about the barns I’ve since set foot in for various weddings over the years. Including my own! There’s...

Adding drama to your wedding

Adding drama to your wedding

Adding drama to your wedding  For the longest time, there’s been this unspoken belief that you can’t go all out with styling your wedding. When it comes to wedding design in recent years, ideas have been pretty ‘safe’ and ‘in keeping’ with traditions of old. But,...