A South Bank, London Story of You Shoot | Francesca

I love London portrait shoots…

Apart from the fact it’s one of my all time favourite cities (and it’s only 30 minutes away by train!), London makes such a great backdrop for portrait sessions with its famous landmarks; great accessibility and just a fantastic buzz about the place.

So when Francesca, an old friend from school and the subject of two of my other Story of You portrait sessions (one in Mdina, Malta, and her first in Hyde Park, London a few years ago now) told me she wanted to do another session in what is also her favourite city, I jumped at the chance.

This time we opted for a more urban backdrop and centred it round London’s South Bank. This is such a lively, colourful section of the city and, despite the grey skies, it didn’t disappoint! We started at the Golden Jubilee Bridge, crossing over to the south side and walking up through the hustle and bustle of the banks of the Thames to Westminster Bridge. After crossing back over, we walked up to St James’ Park and finished in amongst the flowers and trees there before heading up to Piccadilly Circus for a bit of dinner.

Francesca and I have been friends for a good 20 years now, having met in secondary school in Malta. Francesca was definitely the ‘brainy one’ – she used to win all the prizes on Prize Day! We stayed in touch after school and it’s so lovely to catch up with her whenever we can – either when she visits London or when we’re over in Malta. But enough about our friendship, let’s see some photographs…

Story of You sessions are just that, a session with just you, all about you. A Story of You session aims to show the real you, just as you are and leave you feeling totally amazing and confident about yourself. If you’d like to book a session, just get in touch!


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