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Why don't people ever get beyond my home page?

Have you ever wondered why it is that visitors to your website never seem to get any further than looking at your home page before they disappear back off into the world wide web space?

If you think of your home page as the dressed window to your shop, then what’s happening is that people are pressing their noses up against the glass to look but then never finding a reason to come inside.

All those hours you’ve slaved away on your beautiful website are being totally wasted. No one is seeing any further than what’s on your front page. But you can change this! And you can do it today!

My Home Page Copy Starter Pack will get you started with all the copy you need to write for a solid home page that shows your visitors exactly why you’re the business for them and has them clicking to find out more.

  • Learn about the 12 sections every home page needs to include.
  • Get top tips on how to clarify your messaging and why you should care about the ‘above the fold’ section of your home page.
  • Walk away with clear steps on how to create a solid hero statement and make the most of social proof to support your copy.

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