A West Country Wedding at Lakeview Manor | Janet + Paul


A West Country Wedding at Lakeview Manor

When Janet first said she and Paul were getting married and they wanted me as their photographer, they didn’t even have a venue yet! At the time they were still living in Essex but, during the course of their engagement, they upped sticks and made the move to Devon and so this is where they eventually settled on a venue for their big day, at the beautiful Lakeview Manor, tucked away in the East Devon countryside.

There was definitely a sense of nostalgia about this one. I grew up in Devon but hadn’t been back for a few years so it was lovely to see the Devonshire countryside I had grown up not really appreciating with a photographer’s eye. Despite my Dad waving his arm out of the car window and bellowing, “Look! Look at the beautiful scenery! People pay hundreds of pounds to come and see this!” Thanks Dad!

We actually travelled down the day before and did Janet + Paul’s engagement shoot when we arrived – there’s nothing like doing it all at once and creating a bit of logistical chaos, eh?

Janet got ready with her parents at the family home in the morning…

something I love extra specially because it’s lovely to capture little details from round the home. With hair and makeup being done in the living room with her parents looking on, it was a beautifully relaxed morning and there was even time to pop a bottle of fizz and have a little drink in the gorgeous garden.

The drive to venue was fun, to say the least! I’d forgotten about narrow Devon country lanes and their tendency to become easily blocked, forcing you to go in search of another route, but we made it with plenty of time to spare and the grounds of Lakeview Manor were certainly worth the nerve-wracking drive to get there.

Janet + Paul’s ceremony was simple and beautifully heartfelt, Janet was so keen to say “I do” she totally interrupted the registrar in the process! And Paul’s reaction to seeing Janet walking down the aisle towards him was priceless. I may even have shed a couple of tears behind my camera…

This wedding was especially lovely as, when I handed over the photos to Janet + Paul, Janet excitedly messaged me to tell me I’d somehow managed to capture an image of them that was identical to a favourite painting she had hanging on her wall.

For me, weddings really are all about being with those you love the most, and this wedding really epitomised that feeling. I was totally honoured to capture the day for you guys. And I know it’s a bit late but congratulations on becoming Mr and Mrs Edwards! xxx


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