Adding drama to your wedding


For the longest time, there’s been this unspoken belief that you can’t go all out with styling your wedding. When it comes to wedding design in recent years, ideas have been pretty ‘safe’ and ‘in keeping’ with traditions of old. But, more recently, things have been changing. There’s been a rebellion, of sorts, and suddenly weddings are becoming full of life, soul and personality. Girls (and guys!), it is time to add some drama to your wedding – and I don’t mean getting left at the altar!

The styling from this wedding shoot was put together by the lovely Karen Luxford. When she thought about wanting to add some drama and colour, peacock colours and styling were immediately what sprung to mind. And then, for even more drama, she only went and added in a motorbike!

Modeled by the beautiful Grace and her ever-patient boyfriend, Mark, I’m sure you’ll agree the details here from all the suppliers I’ve linked to below were definitely full of drama, life, colour and passion. Right?

I’ve since been asked whether a bride should actually go this far with her make-up on her wedding day and, while my initial thought was ‘No, of course not’, you know what? Why not? At the end of the day, weddings have definitely become a different entity and, truthfully, anything goes now. So, if you’re a bride wondering whether to go all out with the make-up, then why the hell not? If it makes you happy and reflects your true personality, then go for it. This is your day (and your partner’s). Make of it whatever you want. Just love your decisions and enjoy them!


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