Snow on your wedding day | Claire + Keith at Crondon Park

We always make so many plans for our wedding days – location, what to wear, time of ceremony, who to invite, what decorations and so on. At the back of our minds, we probably have a kind of plan for the dreaded rain, just in case. But when you’re getting wed in March, the last thing you expect to have to deal with on your wedding day is snow. But that’s exactly what Claire + Keith had, when they got married at Crondon Park last year – snow on their wedding day!

Admittedly, snow at that time of year is unusual and it probably wasn’t nearly as heavy as some spots around the world have to deal with on a regular basis. But when the worst weather you can normally expect is a good downpour all day, snow certainly throws an interesting spin on things. People are more likely to go and stand out in it for a picture or two, if it’s not too heavy. Although there’s a good chance they’ll complain about the cold. There’s also the risk that someone will fall and hurt themselves because floors tend to be a bit more slippery than usual, something to be mindful of if you’ve got some elderly guests at your wedding.

But, ultimately, it doesn’t half produce some beautiful photographs!

Claire + Keith were total sports about the whole thing – despite some family being unable to get there due to the weather and the roads. They braved the cold for some beautiful portraits, got the whole family outside for confetti with barely a grumble from anyone and, in the evening, when the snow was still gently falling, they came back outside again for a couple of awesome shots that I must admit to being particularly proud of. Claire had jokingly said, months earlier at her engagement shoot, that she could cope with just about anything as long as it didn’t snow on her wedding day. It turns out she could cope just fine with that too!

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to come and capture your day Mr + Mrs Barber. I finally got there with blogging it too! 😉

Planning a snowy intimate wedding or elopement? I’m your girl! Hit the button below to get in touch and let me know your plans.


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