Creative copy and words to make your business shine

Hey, lovely. 

Are you feeling stuck in your business, struggling to find the kind of clients that make your heart sing? 

How many times have you taken on work and wondered why being self-employed is so hard? 

Do you look at your client base and pull a sad face because those people just aren’t your crowd?

If you’re thinking the dream client is a myth, that maybe you’re just not meant to run your own business or your message is getting lost in the cacophony of internet noise, maybe it’s time to rethink. Maybe it’s time to get that copy of yours sounding more like YOU and not the entrepreneur version you think it should sound like.

You know the deal… people buy from people. But if a visit to your website is leaving them feeling cold, detached and they’re getting warmer vibes from their Roomba, then there’s a little problem you need to deal with.

You know that thing, that sound the emanates from your mouth when you open it to speak? That’s your voice and, dammit, that’s what we need to hear! Not some high-brow corporate jargon you picked up in Forbes magazine.

Your words, whether they’re the words on your website, the blog posts you share, the captions you put out on social media or the emails you send to your readers, need to sound like they come from you. Because if they don’t, then what can people connect with?

Let’s give them something to connect with.

For all the words that sound just like you

Your most unique selling point in your business is you. And you’re a lot more interesting than you might think.  

Be the unique voice of your business that potential clients will connect with.

Show people your personality in your words so it’s you they get excited about working with.

Little secret for you… all the words to say who you are, what you do and how you do it are already in your head. All the words that show you, your business and brand in their most unique light are already dancing across your tongue and lips every time you open your mouth and talk about your business.

Now you just have to get those words written down and onto your website.

That’s where I come in.

As a creative copywriter, my whole world is getting your glorious words, voice and story down in a way that helps you connect with your clients, past, present and future. If they don’t jump up from their scroll while fist-pumping the air with a ‘Yes! That’s who I want to work with!’ fresh off their lips, then I haven’t done my job right.

It’s my job to get to know you, to get inside your head (in a nice, rather than creepy, way) and put exactly what I find there into the perfect words that have you wondering how I got to know you so well in such a short amount of time. 

Because by doing those things, you can get on with the thing you love doing most – running your business, creating your products, serving your clients in the best way you know how.

Are you ready?

Sarah quickly got what I needed and was happy to make adjustments as needed, even after sending her random voice notes and last-minute changes.


Words I offer

Done for you epic blog posts that show your expertise in your industry and showcase your awesome personality through your words.

Cracking website copy and sales pages that speak to your ideal clients and has them finger-twitching over the buy now button faster than you can SAY “finger twitch”.

Looking for template emails, nurture sequences, lead magnet copy or copy audits? Individual information pages are coming for all these (and lots more!) very soon. For now, to find out more about anything else, get in touch below and I’ll send you all the details!

Not enough?

I also offer bespoke quotations and have a variety of add ons to really make your words shine. From blog optimisation, social media captions and mailing list set up, right through to designing your lead magnet PDF in Canva, collaboration with your web designer or creating a wireframe for your copy, additional pages for your website and even editing what you’ve already got written…

How it works

Timeline – Depends on your project but typically 4-6 weeks

Lead time – 1-2 months in advance, because I only book 1-2 large projects per month

Step 1: Brand Voice Discovery

We dive in with both feet as I throw a whole bunch of questions your way to find out all about you and how you speak. Expect a beast of a questionnaire and plenty of homework, as well as a long meeting so I can ask you even more questions!

Step 2: Research ‘n’ Strategy

After all the questions are done, I go off and do lots of my own research. Yes, I get paid to disappear off down the internet rabbit-hole and find out everything I can about you, your business, your audience and your industry. And then I put together your Mini Brand Voice Guide and strategy for your copy.

Step 3: Writin’ Time

Once you’ve approved the strategy and you’re happy the Mini Brand Voice Guide reflects how you speak, I get to work on your copy! All the word wizardry happens now so you can kick back and relax around now (or, you know, run your business). I’ll be in touch when it’s ready to view!

Step 4: Wise Revise

Now the ball is in your court. This is your time to read through your copy, re-read, digest, read it out loud and read it all again to make sure you’re totally happy. It’s also the point where you can mark out any areas for revision. We’ll meet after this so I can fully understand how you want me to rework your words.

Step 5: Spit and Polish

When your revisions are all complete and you’re happy with how everything is looking, I’ll give everything one last proofread (I don’t profess to always get it spot on in those first drafts, which is what final proofreads are for!). You’ll get final confirmation that everything is good to go and your words will be yours to use as you please!


Artist Statement and bios for Kathy Harms Photography

Blogging for A Tall Long Legged Bird Wedding Photographer

Website Copy for Carla Thomas Photography

Got Questions?

Why should I book you over any other copywriter?

That’s a great question! And, ultimately, there are any number of reasons why you might choose me over another copywriter or them over me.

What it should come down to is whether you think we’ll get along and I get you, your brand and your voice enough to get the best words written for you. We’re potentially gonna be talking a fair bit throughout your project so it helps if we get along!

When should I hire a copywriter and when should I do it myself?

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not going to tell you that you HAVE to book a copywriter for your business. Hiring a copywriter isn’t right for everyone at every stage of your business journey. 

I’ve written a whole blog post about this very topic, so have read on when you should hire a copywriter and when to DIY it here.

How soon can we get started?

I typically book large projects at least a month in advance. Check with me to find out exactly when I’m booking new projects for currently. I do recommend you book in a consult as soon as possible and I’ll send out all your questionnaires and homework in the weeks prior to your project start date so you can make a start on those!

And once the project starts, how long will things take?

I give an outside estimate of 4-6 weeks to turn your copy around. This is so I can be totally thorough and precise with planning everything but it also depends on your ability to provide me with information in the initial research and gathering stage of your project.

Typically, projects do wrap up more quickly but I like to keep deadlines broader to avoid any disappointments! And believe me when I say it’ll be totally worth the wait!

What's your booking process?

All projects require a 50% booking fee, with the invoice for the remaining balance being sent out shortly after your first drafts are delivered.

On completing the booking form, you’ll be sent a contract and invoice and next steps will be confirmed once these have been completed.

I'm excited. What happens now?

If you like what you’re seeing, we should talk! Get in touch now and we’ll plan a chat over Zoom.

I can’t wait to meet you and hear more about your business!